Meet the Bachelors

The Boyfriend–dated through high school, college.  Lived together.  Nasty break up.

The Friend–never official, but had an exceedingly complicated ‘relationship’.

Pre-Bachelor–Met at a wedding. Unemployed Engineer.

Bachelor Number 1–Met on OKCupid.  Engineer, visiting scholar.

Bachelor Number 2–A lawyer I never went out with

Bachelor Number 3–A math teacher and baseball coach that wanted to know if I was of marriage mind on email 3; went to a baseball game with him.

Bachelor Number 4–a med student.  Went for coffee.

Bachelor Number 5–works in telemetry unit at a hospital.  Currently stuck in friend mode.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Bachelors

  1. sounds like dating hell. I’m dubious about first dates outdoors, first dates with coffee, first dates as friends. Real guys ask girls out for a real dates. All these activities are what THEY WANT TO DO…which is fine. Just not for a first date. They need to loose focus on themselves for a first date; do something they think might ignite their partner.

    I read some of these bios and can’t help thinking, ”….do they want a DOG or a woman?” If you just want to be with someone who’s always smiling, who loves the outdoors, who will eat or drink anything, who’s happy everywhere you are…get a dog! People are a little more complex and it’s about time we stopped thinking it’s selfish to want a first date to be about us.

    1. But real dates, twilfits, are considered boring. We’re getting the advice from women that “regular” first dates are lame…we need to separate ourselves from the pack and need to do so with creative dates.

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