101 things in 1001 Days

A friend has been going through her Live Journal and posting old clips of posts and it inspired me to look at MY Live Journal, the original blog I kept that was basically me complaining about shit, posting lyrics, and being a stupid teenager.  So it was no different than this place, just an age difference.  I guess I kept up with it longer than I thought, because my last post was in 2009, putting me at 25.

My last post or so was about wanting to do things in 1001 days.  101 things, in fact.  It’s kind of funny to look at a list you made when you were 25 and realize how limited your thinking was.  But it’s also fun to see that I did a bunch of stuff I always wanted to do, and some of it I didn’t even remember was a ‘bucket list’.


I am working on my 2016 goals and intentions and this list, from seven years ago, sort of makes me want to try again.   Presented with much commentary, 101 things I wanted to do at 25.


  1. read for thirty minutes every day for one month. Set timer, don’t stop. (I don’t know if I did this, and I don’t think I read much more than I did then)
  2. take one thirty minute milk-bath every week for a month, set timer, don’t look at phone. (I didn’t do this and I don’t know why I would want to)
  3. read one international, national, and local newspaper every day for one month. (fail.)
  4. finish a cross stitch project and frame it for my home (I didn’t finish anything)
  5. get curtains for dining room, living room, and bedroom (I STILL DONT HAVE CURTAINS LOL)
  6. organize closet, maintain it. (Nope)
  7. do all my work related activities BEFORE surfing the internet (meh)
  8. get my paralegal certificate (no)
  9. go to church (I did this for a while. I’m not sure it’s for me)
  10. consider or at least get information regarding officially joining a church (again, not for me)
  11. don’t eat lunch out for one month (i did this and need to do it again)
  12. pay every bill on time in 2009 (LOL)
  13. visit a therapist and stick with it until we mutually agree I’m finished (in treatment, finally)
  14. don’t tell any lies to anyone, even white lies, for a month. (LOL what was my problem?)
  15. be exactly on time or early every day to work for one month (i probably did not ever do this)
  16. drink only water for a week (i did it for a month)
  17. keep a dream journal
  18. get a cabin for a weekend
  19. cake decorating class
  20. get a passport
  21. paint the chest of drawers in my bedroom
  22. frame my diploma
  23. participate in the 26 things photo project for January 09
  24. send thank you notes and birthday cards when appropriate
  25. save every fortune from a fortune cookie for the 1001 days (i ended up doing this in 2016, finally)
  26. visit a gym twice a week for one month  (i lost 100 pounds and went all the time. sigh.)
  27. learn to crochet
  28. read 3 books on the banned book list
  29. eliminate the f word
  30. pay off credit cards (i did)
  31. can food or make jam (my mom showed me how to can salsa)
  32. go to a UT baseball game (done)
  33. go to a Lady Vols basketball game (done)
  34. go to a UT tennis match
  35. go to a UT soccer game
  36. go to a Lady Vols softball game
  37. Finish my tour of the SEC stadiums (done and they added new teams)
  38. learn sign language (finally took a class)
  39. complete a soduku every day for a month (who knows)
  40. visit the Supreme Court building. (done)
  41. volunteer to rock babies in a NICU (this isn’t really a thing)
  42. over-photograph football season! ( should set SMART goals)
  43. ride a roller coaster (done, hated it every time)
  44. have someone other than J over for dinner that I prepare (done!)
  45. learn to parallel park (i do it but i’m not great)
  46. go dancing at a club (lol bless my 25 year old heart, wait til she hears about this one)
  47. buy a royal palace rug for my living room (hmm nope but i should)
  48. wear makeup every day to work for a month (i don’t leave home without it. 25 was obviously a good skin year.)
  49. have my coach heels repaired (sadly didn’t, they went to shit)
  50. baby sit in town for extra money (i did)
  51. submit my name to the substitute teacher list for Knox County (i got a real job)
  52. keep a clean car! (i do)
  53. go to a waterpark in summer 09 (i probably did)
  54. start an herb garden (i didn’t)
  55. wear a dress to work (i wear them all the time!)
  56. send post secrets  (i did!)
  57. have a tailored orange blazer for UT functions! (i didn’t.)
  58. go through college stuff and get rid of what I don’t need (i lost it all.)
  59. Run/Walk in the Fun Fest Crazy 8 (I DID!)
  60. get people at work together to play cranium (we played other games)
  61. go to a Tennessee Titans game (nevermind)
  62. watch every episode of the Sopranos (86/86 several times.)
  63. be fitted for a bra in a store (DONE!)
  64. read all of Gone with the Wind without skipping pages (YEP)
  65. Document and if possible scrapbook the items on my 101 in 1001 list. (i’m terrible)
  66. Go to Blue Willow Inn or Lady and Sons to eat (BOTH!)
  67. Memorize the Presidents of the United States in Order (i can do about 25 deep and then the last 10)
  68. brew my own beer (too messy)
  69. apply for a reality tv show (LOL I made it onto True Life)
  70. buy a piece of art for my home (i didn’t)
  71. Visit an aquarium (Done!)
  72. make my bed every day for a month ( I do.)
  73.  write brief daily description in orange calendar (what orange calendar?! I keep a calendar now though)
  74.  iron appropriate garments when I do laundry (meh)
  75.  Visit a museum (I did)
  76.  buy myself a bottle opener and bottle of wine every month (I need to cut back)
  77.  make a pie crust from scratch (Too hard)
  78.  fold and put away laundry each time I do it
  79.  take a multivitamin every day for a month
  80.  donate clothing that I don’t wear anymore
  81.  actively make a note when I interrupt someone for a week
  82.  go to an improv comedy night (I did)
  83.  find a bar I like to hang out at (all of them)
  84.  attend a local concert (done)
  85.  stop saying “like” (never)
  86.  brazilian wax (and this was on my list before I read yours, Laura!) (MY OBESSION)
  87.  go tubing in the snow (nope)
  88.  wash the dishes every time I use them immediately AFTER use for one month (fuck that)
  89.  go to bed at same time and get up at same time (TBD) for one month (never)
  90.  buy myself a little black dress (done)
  91.  ask someone out (done..)
  92.  refuse to be a packrat (nope)
  93.  display photos of friends in my home (i have no friends)
  94.  road trip somewhere with someone special, on a whim (i guess)
  95.  make fondue (messy af)
  96.  eat somewhere insanely expensive (DONE~!)
  97.  learn a dance (tango, waltz, etc) (i learned the dougie?)
  98.  set up 401K (done finally)
  99.  cook dinner at least once per month (i cook all the time)
  100. clean out my car every day I have something in it (i do a pretty good job)
  101. Vacation with my parents once more (we haven’t)

around 43 things.  Better than I thought.


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