Las Vegas + Boys

I am a mere hour and a half away from vacation.  I have worked my little manicured fingers to the bone for the last two weeks prepping for this vacation.  It is a busy season at work, but when someone invited me to Vegas, I couldn’t say no. So in two hours I am boarding a plane and shaking up Vegas.  I’ve put all my communications on notice and have packed my bags (heavily). What do I intend to do while I am there?  Drink a lot, for one, and sit at a table and look adorable.

So, I thought, perhaps it was time to share with you my favorite activities for boy-watching in Vegas..


1.  Caesar’s Palace sportsbook–  This is my hands-down favorite place to mix and mingle with the opposite sex in Las Vegas.  It’s always a safe bet, which, in Vegas, is pretty hard to come by.  Why do I like to perch myself here?  First and foremost, I am almost always one of the only females in the area.  Supply and demand, folks.  I put on a cute outfit, slip on a pair of heels, and slide on down to the sportsbook, which is absolutely huge.  The sportsbook, however, is not the place to drag your yard-long daiquiri and giggling friends.  I usually stick to a simple beer and sidle in to watch some events.  Caesar’s Palace is one of the world’s biggest sportsbooks, so there is always something going on.  If you’re a girl who knows absolutely anything at all about sports, and not huge details, but just anything, you’ll get some attention here.  Pick a game, focus, and get excited.  Men will instantly move in to see what you’re all about.  I’ve met quite a few nice gentlemen at the sportsbook, and we’ve chatted and had drinks.  I’m in luck this time because it’s March Madness.

2. The Dueling Piano Bar in NYNY Casino–I am a sucker for singing and dancing, and especially singing and dancing to nearly every Top 40 Hit since about 1970.  The best part of the dueling piano bar is that they play requests from the crowd, so it’s like a frat party in some ways.  Instead of wasting money on a table, I just grab a drink from the bar and jump into the crowd around the two pianos.  Singing and dancing and drinks usually means you’ll make friends fast with anyone around you.  I’ve met a couple of people in that bar, including a gentleman who loved my accent so much he drunkenly paid me $20 cash to tell him the time.  I promptly put $20 down on the bar and demanded “Rocky Top”.  $20 will generally get your song played faster, FYI, and requesting a ‘unique’ song generally draws attention and helps you meet people.

3.  Play table games with single men–I am brave enough to try some table games.  I generally don’t shoot craps because I can’t follow along and there are too many rules, but I do play some blackjack, some roulette, and some poker (of the pai gow variety usually).  I like to pick tables that have men who seem to be in my target demographic and sit down.  Conversation naturally flows at a table game and you can wait to be approached if you prefer.  If you play Pai Gow, the boys can even help you.  I definitely don’t try anything high-stakes because I don’t trust myself and because most of those men aren’t going to want to chat anyway.  Keep it casual, and don’t annoy people.

4. Any bar–make friends with the bartenders.  I actually met a guy who was bar-tending and serving me $1 margaritas one afternoon.  We chatted and flirted enough that I gave him my email address and he gave me some extra tequila in my next two drinks.  He emailed me and invited me to a super nice restaurant the next day.  I ended up unable to attend, but we’ve texted and chatted a bit since I met him.  Not too bad for a lazy day drinking margaritas.  Be nice to everyone, you never know who you might meet.

5.  The airplane–The only trick to this is that you should time your communication with enough time to get to know someone but also not too long that it would be awkward if they weren’t feeling it.  But, you’re going to the same destination, you at least have that in common.  So just strike up a conversation and see where it goes.  I had a drink with someone during a lay over once, and it wasn’t the end of the world.  Just always give yourself an exit plan.

This is just a handful of fun places I’ve met fun boys in Vegas.  I suppose I may return from this trip with more information.  Maybe we can count this as reconnaissance work for this blog.  Viva Las Vegas! xoxo.


At Least Buy Me Some Peanuts or Cracker-Jacks..

By an overwhelming majority, most of you agreed with me that meeting Bachelor Number 3 at a high school baseball game (that he was coaching) would be weird.  As it turned out, I already had a hair appointment for Saturday that would have prevented me from attending the afternoon game  though I know that it may see like a lame excuse, I stick to keeping my hair blonde, else I’d have to change the name of this blog.

Anyway, I told Bachelor Number 3 the unfortunate news, hoping he’d ask me to meet him at another time, at another location–one more appropriate for meeting someone from a dating website for the first time; preferably one without a multitude of boys under 18 and their proud parents.

But he did not.  His suggestion was that I come to the next game, Wednesday afternoon, my day off.  Stunned at his persistence that I come to a baseball game, I relented, and thus began the weirdest date of my short career.

I woke up around 7:30 Wednesday morning, feeling good for having slept in a bit.  I decided to go through my normal routine of Wednesday cardio and yoga, and then substantial housecleaning chores.  I mopped the kitchen floor and did my grocery shopping and set to change out my wardrobe from winter to spring.  And of course I wasted most of my time on Facebook. Before I realized it, it was after 2:00 and I’d have to hurry to ready myself and drive the 40 minutes or so to the game.

The drive was uneventful, but despite having been to the field before (once, in high school), I of course got lost.  Still, I was persistent and arrived by what looked to be the second inning (and they only play 7 in high school; less if they call a ‘slaughter rule’).  Anyway, I approached the field and wish I had brought my own chair, you know, the type in the bag?  It would have saved me having to navigate my way to the bleachers and decide where to sit.  But I didn’t bring my own chair and was forced to perch myself precariously on a metal (COLD!) bench about two rows up, in the middle of some parents.  I decided to text Bachelor Number 3 and let him know I made it, so he’d see it after the game and realize I was there, hanging around.  “I made it! Sitting in the stands, sorry I was late”.

Almost immediately a figure poked out of the dug out and started searching for me.  Eye contact was made and I waved a tiny, tiny wave so as to be pretty inconspicuous.  Why I bothered, I’m not sure, because Bachelor Number 3 returned an overenthusiastic waving of both arms that attracted several eyes.  Oh well, he’s excited.  that’s a good thing, I’m sure.

Time passed and I wished I’d brought a book.  High school baseball is less than thrilling; not excruciating, but certainly not a sport I ever thought I’d return to watch.  I suppose it’s more captivating if you have a vested interest of a son or husband involved.  I remember few details of the game other than Bachelor Number 3’s team lost.  Parents grumbled away, the opposing teams formed two lines and did the sportsman like hand shake.  I remained on my perch. It looked like it was about to storm, but that’s not what was making me nervous.

“Here we go,” I thought to myself.  I was sure he’d be coming my way soon to meet-and-greet for the first time.  But oddly enough, he didn’t.  Instead, an impromptu after-game run was implemented.  The team started trotting toward the outfield, making their way around once, and then twice.  Bachelor Number 3 watched them.

And I watched this whole scene.  “Is he coming to talk to me? I knew this awkward shit would happen after a game,” I thought to myself.  This little display of discipline or whatever you might call it continued for the next twenty minutes, before a quite team huddle was called and then a 1-2-3-BREAK! signaled that it was over.

The boys collected their things from the dugout, and met up with the parents who had stayed behind.  As they filtered back to the parking lot, Bachelor Number 3 made his way toward me.  It was a warm day, but much warmer on the field, I am sure, because he was sweating profusely in his baseball uniform as he walked toward me.

Keep in mind, this was our first ever meeting in person.  I extended my hand and he shifted his weight so that a bat-bag would go over his shoulder.  At the same time as I let out a loud “Nice to meet you!” Bachelor Number 3 simply said “How was your day?” Confused, I simply said it was a good day, and that the weather looked like it was turning now. “Yeah, glad we got the game in,” he replied.

I stood there in my wedge-heels feeling very out-of-place, but unsure what to do about it.  Just about the time I was realizing that wedges were probably the worst choice of all time, Bachelor Number 3 shifted again with the bat bag and said he had to get them to the car.

I walked with him, not at his invitation, but I walked.  He asked how I enjoyed the game, and I answered honestly that it was nice to be outside and that watching baseball is something that was enjoyable, too.  We reached his car, and it was nice, so I complimented it.  It was a brand new Mustang.  This should be something any man is proud to talk about–someone just complimented your spankin’ new sports car, dude! He thanked me but the conversation sort of ended there.

I got the vibe that he sort of felt weird–he had gotten me to come all this way finally, but didn’t know what to do now that the game was over and I was standing in front of him.  I sympathize–that’s exactly why I didn’t want to do this in the first place.

He slammed the trunk down and turned to me, so I smiled and asked if he wanted to run over to the Sonic Drive-In and have a “drink”.  I only had this idea in my head because as I passed it on the way in to the baseball field I was severely tempted to stop for a diet-cherry-limeade but knew I was already unforgivably late.  So Bachelor Number 3 agreed and he suggested I drive to meet him there.

On the way over I strategized that sitting at the outdoor tables was much more preferable than sitting in either my car or his.  So I pulled in to a parking spot and immediately got out of my car, walking toward the tables and hoped he’d follow suit.  He sat in his car for a second before I waved him over.  As much as our texting was like pulling teeth, directing this date was more so.

I would like to blog about how things really opened up at that point, but I can’t lie to you.  Sonic is a terrible place to move a date, and I realize this now.  But he was still wearing a baseball uniform and I couldn’t really see us going into a Ruby Tuesday (the other restaurant option in that town) bar like that.  We ordered our drinks and chatted a bit, nothing funny and nothing natural.  You know how some conversations wonder from topic to topic without real direction but it’s enjoyable?  And then somehow you’re laughing about something and you have no idea how that subject even came to fruition?  That is not Bachelor Number 3. Not at all.  We talked about what we were each working on at work–me with a big recruitment mailing and he teaching the unit circle.

I thank God that a storm was brewing and eventually the sky lit up with a bolt of lightning.  It was my cue to exit, stage left, with the excuse of getting on the interstate before the storm raged any harder.

He was seemed mopey that I was leaving so soon (we stayed at Sonic about 30 minutes), but I felt like we couldn’t sit outside much longer with the weather, but I wasn’t really wanting to go anywhere else with Mr. Baseball.  And the conversation just wasn’t there.  At all.

We stood up to leave and he went in for a hug.  And I can’t say no when someone seems sad, so I let him.  “I’ll call you tonight, okay babe?”  That’s how he broke the hug. Uhh..

We’re not on the level of nicknames, calling every night, or even saying we had a successful date.  Shit.  Now what do I do?

At this point I feel like I should say that Bachelor Number 3 was pleasant but not friendly.  What should have been a first meeting, I feel, wasn’t treated as such because it was on his turf (literal turf now that I think of it).  He was familiar with the space and it was like I was any other person he’s always known, meeting up with him post-baseball game.  And maybe he planned it that way.  Bachelor Number 3, as you recall, was pretty serious from the get-go email and made it clear he was looking for a wife.   I think, for at least 3 hours today, he got to see what it would be like to have a girlfriend/wife come to see him at a baseball game and head to Sonic for a drink before trotting home, happily ever after.  I think he’s looking for a relationship to have immediate comfort before there’s really a connection.  For him, I think it’s important to be serious.  And for me, it’s important to really connect with someone before I am “that” comfortable.

I let my half of the hug go a-frame (arms patting the back, butt sticking out far, far away from the recipient.) and thanked him for the Sonic drink and scurried off under the guise of beating the rain.

I guess I’m not sorry I went to Bachelor Number 3’s baseball game because it at least let me see that I wasn’t mistaken…he was definitely looking for more than I can give right now.  I want a serious relationship, eventually.  But I can’t just jump in with both feet yet.  This is all too new for me.  I need the connection, the friendship, the awkward first few dates before I see you after work and you call me by any sort of nickname.

Call me crazy if you like, but this was too much for me.

This may be the end of Bachelor Number 3 dates.

The Bad Blonde Makes an Appearance

Pardon me for a minute.  The Bad Blonde is coming out for a bit.  Don’t worry, good, sweet Blonde will rejoin us shortly.  But for today, Bad Blonde is running around inside of my head, begging to be unleashed.

I’ve been considering what all my potential Bachelors, Facebook Boy, and the original date…hell, even The Boyfriend have in common.  And why they just don’t interest or excite me.  And the only thing I’ve come up with is…

They just seem like really nice, sweet guys. You know the type..guys who would try to ‘set a mood’ for me. These men would probably cook me dinner a delicious dinner at their house.  I would assume there would be grilling involves, probably a salad.  And a bottle of wine.  You know, invite me in, pour me a glass of wine, and probably make me watch them cook.  And lighting–they see like the type that would set the lighting. Dim lights, light some candles all around the room. And put on Barry White.  Or some other equally ‘romantic’ but altogether awkward mood music that plays softly in the background.  God help me, they might even try Kenny G.  I don’t know which one is worse–awkward music with deep voices that say things like “ooh baby” and “mmm yeah” frequently, or music without lyrics that just sort of makes that weird saxophone sound that should imply sex or whatever.

They’d set the mood and make sure everything was all perfect and attempt to make love to me after a long period of dating and getting to know me. They might even cry afterward. You know, that cry of “we’re close now” and “wasn’t that beautiful”.

And there is absolutely no question that they’d call me the very next day, even if I stayed the night, to let me know that their intentions are good and they are gentlemen and what not.

I realize these aren’t qualities to complain about, the thoughtfulness, the respect.  Most women would kill to have a boyfriend that planned a romantic evening. And I’m not saying that I never want something thoughtful and romantic.  And I want to be respected, too.

But is it so much to ask for a guy that is interested in good sex that doesn’t involve the awkward romance?  I miss the random moments of fumbling your keys in the door after dinner, while you’re rabidly making out with someone.  I miss grocery shopping together, but being far more interested in chasing each other up and down aisles and literally playing grab-ass.  I want someone to want to do these things, and not be afraid to do them because it’s ‘not proper’ or ‘how you treat a lady’.

I want the boyfriend part too, I just don’t see it as mutually exclusive pursuits; the romance for me, doesn’t come in candles and Barry White.  It comes in chasing me around the house, or give me the ‘eye’ while we’re eating dinner with friends.  You know the ‘eye’ that “let’s get out of here” eye.  And text messages.  If we’re in a committed relationship I think it’s okay to send me some racy text messages that tell me you’re coming over..

A couple of friends have listened to my complaints of the Bachelors that I described; “they look too nice”, or “they probably only like missionary”.  And they tell me I’m crazy.  And sexually frustrated.  But I don’t think that’s the case actually.  Well, I’m probably crazy, but that’s beside the point.  I don’t think these wishes are coming from a place of frustration.  These are things I’ve always valued in my relationships.  I can remember not having it with The Boyfriend.  And I can remember the first time I felt it with The Friend.

I often am asked what I miss most about having a boyfriend, since I went from long-term committed to absolutely nothing…and I guess I just figured out that just about the only thing I miss is having my ass smacked in the grocery store.

That’s it.

And I sometimes get worried that I’ll never attract that type again. Because most of the men I’ve found in the wake of The Friend have been the type that would apologize for looking at my ass, much less smacking it in the empty aisle of a grocery store.  I attract nice guys.  I’m looking for a nice guy with a wild streak I guess.

The search is on..

Take Me Out To Your Ballgame?

Despite trying to use Blackberry Messenger (BBM) as an alternative to texting and calling, Bachelor Number three requested my number and began texting me instead.  I am not sure why texting appeals more to him than using BBM.  To me, BBM is all the convenience of texting with the added bonus of stalkability–BBM tells you when a message has been delivered to a handset (i.e. if the person was on their phone it won’t deliver, when they hang up it will) and when it’s been read by the person.  I feel compelled to answer texts more timely on BBM.  It keeps me honest.  Anyway, the texting with Bachelor Number 3?

It’s like pulling teeth.  At first it was the normal questioning like are you an only child, are your parents still married who’s your favorite baseball player (yes, no, uh?).  But then he asked me if I knew what a cow patty was.

Yes, you read that right.  Someone texted me the question that basically translates to “Do you know a nickname for cow shit?”

I was confused but said “Yeah?” and his response was that I am “just the right amount of country for him.”


Anyway, the long and short of this whole thing is that,k, as it turns out, Bachelor Number 3 is a baseball coach for the high school where he teaches and he invited me to come this weekend to a baseball game he is coaching.

While I am open to meeting Bachelor Number 3, I question whether or not a high school baseball game is the best venue for a first encounter, much less what might amount to a first date.

I am hesitant because I think that shows a level of commitment I am not prepared to show–I would be meeting coworkers, essentially showing up where he works, and watching him do something all while I sit in the stands.  I’ve been to my share of high school baseball games (both as a girlfriend and a regular spectator) and I can say, with certainty, that if you’re waiting on someone after the game, it gets awkward.  There is a dead period.  Anyway, after that awkward period would be a super awkward first meeting.  In front of a bunch of high school boys.

Anyway, aside from all that, it’s a 40 minute drive from my house, and I sort of anticipated our first encounter would be less driving for me and more driving for him.  I’m a bitch like that.

What do you think?

Q&A Wednesday: Bachelor Number 1’s whereabouts?

It’s the triumphant (?) return of Q&A Tuesdays (but today on a Wednesday), mostly because someone asked a question that was particularly relevant.  Do you have a question for The Blonde?  Use the handy-dandy Formspring account to ask questions anonymously.  Visit

Today’s question was asked anonymously.  The author writes..

Q: Hey, whatever happened to Bachelor Number 1? You just dropped him like a bad habit.

A:  Bachelor Number 1, who you may remember as my first online date (ever!) was one that I walked away from saying “He probably won’t call back. If he did, I would give him another shot. He probably won’t call back, though.” And I sort of let that sit around in my head for a few days.  And then he texted me.

“What’s your schedule looking like this week?”

I responded back and let him know Thursday worked for me; I waited for Bachelor Number 1 to make plans or confirm for Thursday.  And waited, and waited.  He called me on Wednesday night a little after 10:30pm to see if I was interested in hanging out.  I thanked him for the invitation, politely declined, but said I would be game to see him any time in the future.

I know, I know.  You’re saying “What’s your problem now, Blonde? He called and asked you out.”  And to this I reply simply–there wasn’t twenty-four hours notice.  My mother, she’s a great woman, really, but rarely have I ever taken her advice with men.  And maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong in the past (but maybe not, she was a fan of The Friend before I was!), but this is one piece of advice that has stuck with me since adolescence. Time is a valuable thing, maybe one of the most precious things we have.  And it is important that friends, family, and most notably, those courting us, value our time.  If someone cannot commit to plans with you twenty-four hours before the activity, you should politely decline and let them know that your time is valuable and you can find your own things to do.  Of course, there are exceptions that can be made for this–surprises, cancellations, etc.  But as a rule of thumb, especially with men, I am a lady that requires you to have plans twenty-four hours in advance, especially in the early stages of dating.

I assumed I wouldn’t hear from dear old Bachelor Number 1 again, and I felt sort of bad for this behavior, but I also felt sort of good that I held my ground for once with something that mattered to me.  A couple of weeks passed by, and I heard nothing.  Until yesterday…

Bachelor Number 1 sent me another message on OkCupid apologizing for his absence, telling me where he had been (visiting his mother), and asking if I’d like to get together.  He also noted that I haven’t logged on in a while and wondered if this meant anything significant.

I haven’t replied to him yet, but I intend to write him, give him an update with what I’ve been doing (he didn’t ask though..) and tell him we could get together for a couple of drinks.

So, no, Bachelor Number 1 didn’t get ‘dropped like a bad habit’.  He’s still floating out there.

Judging Books By Their Cover (Never A Good Idea.)

So perhaps yesterday’s assumption that Bachelor Number 3 was insane came a bit prematurely.  I sent him the response I posted yesterday and received a note back that seemed more flirtatious than his previous emails.

Telling me that I was “two-for-two” with him in regards to my favorite baseball team and my favorite football team, he asked if I wanted to go “three-for-three” and name my favorite car.

Now, I have bragged and boasted here in this blog and in my “real life” that I am a sports expert; I have lamented over the fact that I am, in fact, be too knowledgeable and too ‘manly’ and turn off many men.  But I forgot a key factor in the whole ‘manly’ thing–I know absolutely diddly shit about cars.  I know that cars get me from point a to point b, and that if it has tires (or testicles!) it’s going to give you trouble at some point.  And that’s about where my prowess (if you could even call it prowess) ends.  I don’t know types, I don’t know motors, I don’t know interworkings other than “pretty!” and “I wanna go fast!”

Still, Bachelor Number 3 appealed to me with an approach I simply cannot resist–he stroked my ego by showing me what I had done right…and then challenged me to see if I could keep it perfect.  More than tropical vacations, more than alcoholic beverages with umbrellas floating in them, more than free tickets to a football game–The Blonde absolutely cannot turn down a bet.  Especially a bet that involves me being right.  In fact, the very idea that he challenged me in this way at this very moment makes me like him even more than I did yesterday.  And that’s pretty surprising since I almost wrote him off.

Anyway, being unable to turn down a challenge and fueled with the desire to be perfect, I decided to tell Bachelor Number 3 that I, in fact, know little about cars except what is aesthetically pleasing to the senses.  But I named a car I’d say I found pleasing enough.

I also noticed that he replied back to me from a Blackberry (those little taglines will get you every time), so I decided to fasttrack this thing and give him my Blackberry pin-number.  This, to me, seemed like a compromise to giving out a phone number, but let him know I was interested in communicating with him beyond a dating website.

He added me quickly and we chatted for a bit.  I still can’t say or sure that this is a love connection, but it’s a step in the right direction for The Blonde.

And as it turns out, he just bought a brand spanking new car that I named.  3-for-3. Roundup

My use seems to come and go in spurts, sometimes I will be emailing two or three gentlemen, and sometimes my inbox sits pathetically empty, wishing someone would even wink at me in order to spark some conversation.

Over the weekend my inbox went from buzzing to silent, and I’m not sure if that’s a product of weekends naturally, or if my communications just fizzled out regardless of the day of the week.  I was communicating with what I thought to be Bachelor Numbers 2 and 3.  Bachelor Number 2 was a particularly witty male and I felt like I had done some of my best communicating with Bachelor 2, a lawyer.  I had somehow managed to roll a friendly conversation about Memphis and Sun Studios into a charming allegory about the time I met Johnny Cash.  I may have lost Bachelor 2, though, when I discussed a local judge who’d been recently indicted on some serious charges.  Note to self, don’t discuss current events.  At least not on  Oh well, I thought to myself, he’ll either get back with me, or he won’t.  It’s Monday afternoon and still no word.  We’ll see what happens.  His communication was a bit sporadic at any rate, so it’s hard to tell if my current events ‘quiz’ killed the mood.

Bachelor Number 3 was (is?) a high school math teacher, and that gave me the opportunity to ask (quite genuinely) what he teaches and if he participates in any after school activities with his students.  In fact, he teaches geometry and coaches baseball in the area.  Funny, The Uncle (that I am very close to) teaches high school math and coaches baseball.  Lucky for Bachelor Number 3 I am quite familiar with area high school baseball and occasionally find myself at the tournaments.  I tried to make small talk about what I do for a living, what I am interested in, and what I was planning on doing this weekend (because his response was admittedly a little lacking in the conversation department).  I logged in this morning to find this gem of an email from Bachelor Number 3. I’ll provide the text for you here:

I don’t know how impressed you should be about teaching geometry. Some days are good some are not so good. Your job sounds pretty exciting getting to work with college students at the place you went to.

I will cut to the chase. I am looking to start dating or seeing someone. You can call it whatever you like. Someday I want to be married and have the kids and the whole 9 yard. Does this interest you? Curious to see if we should meet up.

I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.  I already had that experiences earlier this morning. What a pick up line, huh?

On the one hand, bravo to Bachelor Number 3 for actually outright stating what he is looking for–clearly his list of Must Haves includes “marriage minded” and “desire for children”…but on the other hand I think I might have been more receptive to this phrase after we had gotten to know each other a little better.  Still, he seems like a genuinely nice guy so I wrote back:

To answer your question succinctly, yes.

To elaborate, I am on to find ‘the one’–someone I want to share my life with, both short-term and long-term. It is my desire to marry and have children, with the right person. I am not looking for just anyone, but someone who I enjoy being with and who enjoys being with me, too. So I am here on Match to communicate with a variety of people and make new connections in my life. And if out of this comes a strong connection, then yes, I’m looking to date and eventually make a commitment.

So, in a way, I am pretty serious with my intentions here, but I am also just letting things roll and seeing where it all takes me.

This is the 30th draft of the email, the one I finally sent.  The first 29 said “Yeah I wanna get married and have some kids, but not any time this year and certainly not to just to any old stage 5 clinger that asks me.  I totally could be married to anyone, but I’m looking for the one dude.”

This, my friends, totally shattered my (mis)conception that every guy on a dating website is looking to hook up and dip out the next day.  It is, in fact, possible to find someone my age that wants to have children just as much as I do; the question is…why do I find someone easy to catch so absolutely UN-attractive?



What’s your favorite color?

The latest from the blog tells us what the color we choose to wear on dates says about our personality.

The color I probably wear the most is orange, however, I’m pretty self-conscious and won’t wear it on a first date.  I have a lot of ‘funky’ orange items–chunky bracelets, an orange blazer (it’s a Knoxville thing, y’all!), at one point I even had orange pants.  While it is my signature color, I am aware that most people find it over-the-top, and find that a first date isn’t the place to make that “I wear crazy orange stuff!” impression.  However, once I am comfortable with you, you can guarantee that I will be wearing my orange dress, orange socks, or orange head-band proudly in front of you.  So, the fact that sites orange as a color of “early attraction” is actually plausible in the case of The Blonde.  If I’m wearing orange, I’m comfortable and attracted to you.

This comes on the heels of receiving a message on Match that said “You love orange, huh?  You’re wearing it in every picture.” And while that simply isn’t true (I am clearly wearing a navy blue dress in one photo, and a sky blue dress in another!), perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that two or three of my pictures show me in my favorite color.  Because as the entry says.. “If your favorite color to wear is orange, you’re unabashedly saying you don’t have an “off” switch when it comes to passion.”  Yowza.
Incidentally, I asked my coworker (The Bride to Be) what she wore on her first encounter with her fiance–the answer was white–and’s explanation was spot-on.  Bride to Be is the absolute most minimalist person I could ever imagine.

Now.  Do you have a go-to outfit for first dates?  Look at your pictures as of late…do you have a color theme?  Tell me what it is and what it says about you in the comments, if you’d like.