Who’s Leading Who?

The Blind Leading the Blonde is authored by a freshly-turned-thirty single female known affectionately as “The Blonde”. Easing back into the dating scene in her (really) late twenties has proven to be equal parts amusing and frustrating. Dating is difficult.. and there’s always The Friend that sticks around, so you’re sure to want to follow that story-line.

She’s recently unemployed and looking for work, and just started seeing a therapist to deal with some issues related to relationships.

Blonde often gives opinions on dating, sex, and relationships and welcomes the insight of readers who may have more knowledge, or at least think they do (This is where “the blind” part comes in!). Most of the time, though, The Blonde focuses on issues of the single-life, since that’s what she’s most accustomed to as-of-late!

Anything and everything is fair  game–read along as The Blonde navigates her way through the prepared food section of the supermarket and into the hearts of single men everywhere.

email The Blonde:  theblindleadingtheblonde@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “Who’s Leading Who?

  1. 8 years? It says in your early blog posts that you dated for 6 years.


      1. if you are really serouis then try eharmony, just looking to get laid try lavalife or fling. there is match.com also. a free one is okcupid.comi actually found my gf on this one. good luck

  2. There are many blogs I’ve read but few that have actually made me laugh out loud in real life (and in the middle of the office I might add). I now have a new distraction from work that isn’t facebook, stumbleupon (don’t judge) or wikipedia (don’t ask). Kudos!

  3. thanks to facebook and some good quality procrastination time…i found your blog and i love it!

    i’m always looking to expand my circle of fellow daters, so check out my dating blog –


    -the dater

  4. thanks 4 ur blog. I found u by googling ‘is coffee a good first date’. There are 2 camps; the ‘no biggie…whatever it’s just a go to..” and my camp which is I don’t do interviews in person.

    I lov hearing from anyone else who thinks liquid ‘dates’ are really interviews.

  5. I disagree with Dave coeepltmly. Speed dating is much more effective than on-line dating. You don’t waste time with someone with whom there ends up being no attraction. With speed dating, you know right away whether that initial connection is there. I have tried a few different services and would recommend trying 25dates.com though. They are by far the most organized, and have the best people coming out.Sam

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