Recession? WHO CARES!

Last week I noticed I had a crush on Alec Baldwin, and I felt really weird about it.  I don’t know why, it just seemed inappropriate.  Who, besides Kim Basinger really, has a thing for Alec Baldwin?  And it’s only Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock too.  And I don’t even watch 30 Rock. I’d like to say that the Alec Baldwin fascination/dream is where the odd attraction ends, but it’s not.

Shortly after the Royal Wedding I came to a realization that I was probably subconsciously aware of for a long, long time…

I have a weird thing for guys–especially younger guys– who are starting to have a receding hair line.

The awareness came from many conversations I had regarding the wedding of Wills and Kate.  Most women all came to the same conclusion.  “William would be lovely, if it weren’t for that receding hair line!”

And every time the sentence was uttered I just sort of thought “What the hell?”

When I look at photos of Prince William, my eyes are indeed draw to the tale-tell signs of the coiffure that is marching toward the crown (pun intended) of his head and I sort of (actually, I definitely) find him attractive because of this trait, not in spite of it.  I think that the look of young-but-starting-to-taper hints at a maturity and wisdom that is yet-to-be.  I guess.  I don’t know, I just know that I like it!

The Friend has the receding hair line that gives him a Prince William look.  I never notice a lack of hair on The Friend until one afternoon, lounging in bed, he self consciously made a remark about losing his hair before he was 28.  Puzzled, I asked him what he meant.  He pushed back the fine locks in the front and showed me his slow but steady recession.

It was at that moment that I realized exactly why I was so fascinated with The Friend’s face, hair, forehead.  He had a look that was older.  And while he was only two years older than me, it made the age differential seem real and almost…exciting! The Friend was most definitely a man..because only a man could exhibit signs of male pattern baldness…and at 25? He still had young features to pair up with this masculine “hair style”. From that moment on, after I had examined it closely and carefully and declared it “hot”, there was probably no hope for me.  Receding hairline, especially on a young person, has instantly become a feature that I enjoy on guys.

After The Friend, I had a brief infatuation with a man who bemoaned his lack of follicle facility.  I explained, time and again, how sexy I found it.  I’m not sure he ever believed it.  But it was most assuredly true.

There is just something about a man with a receding hairline (and NOT a man that’s completely bald, but who knows..maybe that’s next!)…guys, seriously, stop stressing over it.

And while I can’t show you my photos from or and prove that my taste in men is secretly driven by the lure of subsiding sideburns..I can show you some damn fine members of young (and not so young) Hollywood sporting the look:

Anyway, I just thought I’d share this recent discovery.  Feel free to point out other attractive Hollywood types with follicle woes in the comments, if you’d like.  I’m off to scour Chemistry and Match more closely with a new criteria! 😉


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