Las Vegas + Boys

I am a mere hour and a half away from vacation.  I have worked my little manicured fingers to the bone for the last two weeks prepping for this vacation.  It is a busy season at work, but when someone invited me to Vegas, I couldn’t say no. So in two hours I am boarding a plane and shaking up Vegas.  I’ve put all my communications on notice and have packed my bags (heavily). What do I intend to do while I am there?  Drink a lot, for one, and sit at a table and look adorable.

So, I thought, perhaps it was time to share with you my favorite activities for boy-watching in Vegas..


1.  Caesar’s Palace sportsbook–  This is my hands-down favorite place to mix and mingle with the opposite sex in Las Vegas.  It’s always a safe bet, which, in Vegas, is pretty hard to come by.  Why do I like to perch myself here?  First and foremost, I am almost always one of the only females in the area.  Supply and demand, folks.  I put on a cute outfit, slip on a pair of heels, and slide on down to the sportsbook, which is absolutely huge.  The sportsbook, however, is not the place to drag your yard-long daiquiri and giggling friends.  I usually stick to a simple beer and sidle in to watch some events.  Caesar’s Palace is one of the world’s biggest sportsbooks, so there is always something going on.  If you’re a girl who knows absolutely anything at all about sports, and not huge details, but just anything, you’ll get some attention here.  Pick a game, focus, and get excited.  Men will instantly move in to see what you’re all about.  I’ve met quite a few nice gentlemen at the sportsbook, and we’ve chatted and had drinks.  I’m in luck this time because it’s March Madness.

2. The Dueling Piano Bar in NYNY Casino–I am a sucker for singing and dancing, and especially singing and dancing to nearly every Top 40 Hit since about 1970.  The best part of the dueling piano bar is that they play requests from the crowd, so it’s like a frat party in some ways.  Instead of wasting money on a table, I just grab a drink from the bar and jump into the crowd around the two pianos.  Singing and dancing and drinks usually means you’ll make friends fast with anyone around you.  I’ve met a couple of people in that bar, including a gentleman who loved my accent so much he drunkenly paid me $20 cash to tell him the time.  I promptly put $20 down on the bar and demanded “Rocky Top”.  $20 will generally get your song played faster, FYI, and requesting a ‘unique’ song generally draws attention and helps you meet people.

3.  Play table games with single men–I am brave enough to try some table games.  I generally don’t shoot craps because I can’t follow along and there are too many rules, but I do play some blackjack, some roulette, and some poker (of the pai gow variety usually).  I like to pick tables that have men who seem to be in my target demographic and sit down.  Conversation naturally flows at a table game and you can wait to be approached if you prefer.  If you play Pai Gow, the boys can even help you.  I definitely don’t try anything high-stakes because I don’t trust myself and because most of those men aren’t going to want to chat anyway.  Keep it casual, and don’t annoy people.

4. Any bar–make friends with the bartenders.  I actually met a guy who was bar-tending and serving me $1 margaritas one afternoon.  We chatted and flirted enough that I gave him my email address and he gave me some extra tequila in my next two drinks.  He emailed me and invited me to a super nice restaurant the next day.  I ended up unable to attend, but we’ve texted and chatted a bit since I met him.  Not too bad for a lazy day drinking margaritas.  Be nice to everyone, you never know who you might meet.

5.  The airplane–The only trick to this is that you should time your communication with enough time to get to know someone but also not too long that it would be awkward if they weren’t feeling it.  But, you’re going to the same destination, you at least have that in common.  So just strike up a conversation and see where it goes.  I had a drink with someone during a lay over once, and it wasn’t the end of the world.  Just always give yourself an exit plan.

This is just a handful of fun places I’ve met fun boys in Vegas.  I suppose I may return from this trip with more information.  Maybe we can count this as reconnaissance work for this blog.  Viva Las Vegas! xoxo.


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