Take Me Out To Your Ballgame?

Despite trying to use Blackberry Messenger (BBM) as an alternative to texting and calling, Bachelor Number three requested my number and began texting me instead.  I am not sure why texting appeals more to him than using BBM.  To me, BBM is all the convenience of texting with the added bonus of stalkability–BBM tells you when a message has been delivered to a handset (i.e. if the person was on their phone it won’t deliver, when they hang up it will) and when it’s been read by the person.  I feel compelled to answer texts more timely on BBM.  It keeps me honest.  Anyway, the texting with Bachelor Number 3?

It’s like pulling teeth.  At first it was the normal questioning like are you an only child, are your parents still married who’s your favorite baseball player (yes, no, uh?).  But then he asked me if I knew what a cow patty was.

Yes, you read that right.  Someone texted me the question that basically translates to “Do you know a nickname for cow shit?”

I was confused but said “Yeah?” and his response was that I am “just the right amount of country for him.”


Anyway, the long and short of this whole thing is that,k, as it turns out, Bachelor Number 3 is a baseball coach for the high school where he teaches and he invited me to come this weekend to a baseball game he is coaching.

While I am open to meeting Bachelor Number 3, I question whether or not a high school baseball game is the best venue for a first encounter, much less what might amount to a first date.

I am hesitant because I think that shows a level of commitment I am not prepared to show–I would be meeting coworkers, essentially showing up where he works, and watching him do something all while I sit in the stands.  I’ve been to my share of high school baseball games (both as a girlfriend and a regular spectator) and I can say, with certainty, that if you’re waiting on someone after the game, it gets awkward.  There is a dead period.  Anyway, after that awkward period would be a super awkward first meeting.  In front of a bunch of high school boys.

Anyway, aside from all that, it’s a 40 minute drive from my house, and I sort of anticipated our first encounter would be less driving for me and more driving for him.  I’m a bitch like that.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Take Me Out To Your Ballgame?

  1. You need to open up more. You’re killing some of us. ❤ You have driven further for far less exciting/interesting things.

  2. So I voted in the “No, you’re right, its wierd” group, but..

    “[I]t’s a 40 minute drive from my house, and I sort of anticipated our first encounter would be less driving for me and more driving for him. I’m a bitch like that.”

    Outside of the wierdness of this invitation, This is one place where my “gentlemanly instincts” and “reality” diverge.

    As the guy it everything tells me that I should be the one doing the driving, but everything also tells me that I should be the one arranging the date, suggesting the location, etc. Lately I’ve had a few dates with ladies from a pair of cities about 40 mintues to an hour away. As a non-native (originally from SoCal) I’m finally getting used to the restaurants in Cleveland and I know bupkis about options in those cities, let alone good places or what neighborhoods are near what other neighborhoods.

    “I hate to make you drive ; do you have a favorite close to you?” always gets some variation of “no, I don’t mind driving, you pick somewhere you like”. Then they fall off the face of the earth after that date. (One of them not only fell off the face of the earth but refused to leave the restaurant without splitting the check. I hate splitting, even with friends — moreso with dates, so I’m not sure I’m missing anything). I think I need to bring in my radius.

    (In my “ideal world” the woman I’m dating would live within walking distance. But I stopped holding my breath on that front a few years ago).

  3. I voted no. Why not engage him and suggest something that’s more comfortable to you? You could say something like, “I’m not comfortable meeting you at the baseball game because Im likely to meet your co-workers, ect and Im not ready for that — I just met you.” or like, “I’d like to suggest a different venue for our date, one where we can interact more. Why dont we meet up for dinner instead of the game? Id feel more comfortable with that.” If the guy says no to either of these opinions, Id run — he’s really not interested in you getting comfortable so that he can get to know you as a person.

    I know nothing about this guy, but being a guy, I bet he’s nervous and HE probably doesnt think its ideal to meet at the baseball game either (what guy would?). The words probably just came out because they were easier for him to say than to say something like, “lets meet for dinner” or he’s just plain confused. Again, not much context is given to me, but from what you wrote, that seems a likely possibility to me.

    Good luck with whichever you decide 😛


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