Judging Books By Their Cover (Never A Good Idea.)

So perhaps yesterday’s assumption that Bachelor Number 3 was insane came a bit prematurely.  I sent him the response I posted yesterday and received a note back that seemed more flirtatious than his previous emails.

Telling me that I was “two-for-two” with him in regards to my favorite baseball team and my favorite football team, he asked if I wanted to go “three-for-three” and name my favorite car.

Now, I have bragged and boasted here in this blog and in my “real life” that I am a sports expert; I have lamented over the fact that I am, in fact, be too knowledgeable and too ‘manly’ and turn off many men.  But I forgot a key factor in the whole ‘manly’ thing–I know absolutely diddly shit about cars.  I know that cars get me from point a to point b, and that if it has tires (or testicles!) it’s going to give you trouble at some point.  And that’s about where my prowess (if you could even call it prowess) ends.  I don’t know types, I don’t know motors, I don’t know interworkings other than “pretty!” and “I wanna go fast!”

Still, Bachelor Number 3 appealed to me with an approach I simply cannot resist–he stroked my ego by showing me what I had done right…and then challenged me to see if I could keep it perfect.  More than tropical vacations, more than alcoholic beverages with umbrellas floating in them, more than free tickets to a football game–The Blonde absolutely cannot turn down a bet.  Especially a bet that involves me being right.  In fact, the very idea that he challenged me in this way at this very moment makes me like him even more than I did yesterday.  And that’s pretty surprising since I almost wrote him off.

Anyway, being unable to turn down a challenge and fueled with the desire to be perfect, I decided to tell Bachelor Number 3 that I, in fact, know little about cars except what is aesthetically pleasing to the senses.  But I named a car I’d say I found pleasing enough.

I also noticed that he replied back to me from a Blackberry (those little taglines will get you every time), so I decided to fasttrack this thing and give him my Blackberry pin-number.  This, to me, seemed like a compromise to giving out a phone number, but let him know I was interested in communicating with him beyond a dating website.

He added me quickly and we chatted for a bit.  I still can’t say or sure that this is a love connection, but it’s a step in the right direction for The Blonde.

And as it turns out, he just bought a brand spanking new car that I named.  3-for-3.


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