What’s your favorite color?

The latest from the Match.com blog tells us what the color we choose to wear on dates says about our personality.

The color I probably wear the most is orange, however, I’m pretty self-conscious and won’t wear it on a first date.  I have a lot of ‘funky’ orange items–chunky bracelets, an orange blazer (it’s a Knoxville thing, y’all!), at one point I even had orange pants.  While it is my signature color, I am aware that most people find it over-the-top, and find that a first date isn’t the place to make that “I wear crazy orange stuff!” impression.  However, once I am comfortable with you, you can guarantee that I will be wearing my orange dress, orange socks, or orange head-band proudly in front of you.  So, the fact that Match.com sites orange as a color of “early attraction” is actually plausible in the case of The Blonde.  If I’m wearing orange, I’m comfortable and attracted to you.

This comes on the heels of receiving a message on Match that said “You love orange, huh?  You’re wearing it in every picture.” And while that simply isn’t true (I am clearly wearing a navy blue dress in one photo, and a sky blue dress in another!), perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that two or three of my pictures show me in my favorite color.  Because as the entry says.. “If your favorite color to wear is orange, you’re unabashedly saying you don’t have an “off” switch when it comes to passion.”  Yowza.
Incidentally, I asked my coworker (The Bride to Be) what she wore on her first encounter with her fiance–the answer was white–and Match.com’s explanation was spot-on.  Bride to Be is the absolute most minimalist person I could ever imagine.

Now.  Do you have a go-to outfit for first dates?  Look at your pictures as of late…do you have a color theme?  Tell me what it is and what it says about you in the comments, if you’d like.


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