Breaking A Couple Up? There’s an App For That

A while back I posted an article where I articulated the opinion that “Facebook ruins relationships”.  I realized at the time that it was probably a bold statement that was purely opinion and not at all cold hard fact.

Well, today I come to present you with evidence that is undeniable.  Facebook, or rather, the new Waiting Room application, is actually ruining relationships.

Last week news broke that an application would send you a friendly notification if someone you have an interest in had a sudden change in relationship status on the popular social networking site.  I found it sort of odd, but brushed it off because any Facebook stalker worth their salt would notice this before an application had the opportunity to send an alert.  That application was doing what any of us could do on our own.

But this new application called “The Waiting Room” actually allows individuals to indicate their interest in dating someone who is already in a relationship.  Once the interest indicates that they’re “waiting” on someone to haev a relationship status change, the user in the relationship can add the application, log in to their ‘waiting room’ and see who may be waiting on them to exit the current relationship.  The idea is that if the deal is sweet enough, someone might jump the ship.

Breaking up?  There’s an app for that.

I sincerely don’t think that Facebook or any applications are literally breaking up couples.  I just find this stuff quite frustrating for real relationships.

4 thoughts on “Breaking A Couple Up? There’s an App For That

    1. Maybe that’s why I was so jarred by this application. Good point. A friend of mine always says her ex is looking for “next year’s iPod”…wonder what he’d think of this?

      xoxo! The Blonde.

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