Bachelor Number 1 Calls Back

Well, he didn’t call…technically the first contact was a text message, four days following our first date.  I wasn’t really torn up about not hearing from him sooner, honestly, because I had another family crisis this weekend (Seriously, 2011? SERIOUSLY?).  I had intended to text him a quick “thanks” for the date, just because it was nice of him to buy me drinks. But things got carried away this weekend and I just dropped the ball.  So, when I didn’t text, and didn’t hear by Sunday, I was ready to post about my epic failures that probably led to this.

Namely, I figured that between my hung over state, my wanting to cut the date after 2 and a half hours, and my clumsy way of leaving (A-Frame hug, ‘thanks for drinks!’), I wouldn’t hear back.

But I did. He texted as I left work and it simply said “How’s your week looking?”

It looks fine, honestly.  I thought I might have a date with a subscriber this week, but…well, that’s another story for another post really. I sort of wrinkled my nose at the thought, but was reminded by my friends that I did, indeed, say that I would go out again if asked.  And that there wasn’t anything really wrong with Bachelor Number 1, per say.

I don’t feel like we had a really substantial conversation until the end of the evening.  And I was cold on the patio and tired, so I wasn’t really giving even that conversation my all I suppose.  Everyone deserves a second chance, I guess, and that probably includes me.  What if he’s pity-asking me because he thinks I deserve another chance too?!

So I texted back that I was available Thursday if he was.  But as of the time I’m writing this post, he’s not texted back.  And it’s tottering on less than twenty-four hours prior to date time.

I’m definitely working on some other prospects on Match, but Bachelor Number 1 is hanging in the background.

Do you follow me on Twitter?  Real-time updates will follow there, before a regular update here.  I’m @TheBlindBlonde and would love for you to hear my thoughts as I blurt them out to the world wide web.


One thought on “Bachelor Number 1 Calls Back

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