I Still Know How to Dance

You know, it’s definitely been a long time, but I still know how to make the dance happen.

It’s all effortless really, wherein I take the steps to let you know that I am interested, and you take the steps to ask me somewhere…it’s this graceful dance that I lead, careful to make it look like you’re leading.  Yep, The Blonde…she’s still got it.

I have a happy hour drink arrangement.  I refuse to call it a date because I really think it’s more of a let’s-meet-and-make-sure-you-don’t-have-a-forehead-horn situation, but still, it’s exciting. It’s from OkCupid, though, not Match.com.  At the time I arranged this interview, err…meeting…my Match.com account hadn’t been activated.  This will be my first OKCupid date, though.  I’m not sure what to expect with this one.

Let’s call him Bachelor #1.  He, according to the community search available on my employer website, is a visiting scholar working in the engineering research department.  He’s about a year older than I am, but seems super interesting.  And by super interesting I mean I know almost nothing about him.  Don’t worry, he gave me his full name in the event that I wanted to research him on the company website. I am not that insane.  Yet.

His profile mentioned being a happy hour enthusiast, so I asked him about his favorite happy hour spots.  His message back indicated a local favorite that I have visited many times, but have never utilized a certain outdoor area, which is almost unheard of for a resident of this city..and a proud resident at that.  So I asked if he thought it was odd that I hadn’t been (HELLO:  ASK ME! is probably how it read. Totally intentional).  So he asked me.  Bing, bang, boom. It’s a two-step, and I still remember all the moves.

Am I nervous?  Not especially.  I like the riverside location we’re visiting.  Truthfully I have been there many times, but haven’t been in the seating section Bachelor #1 is referring to. Technicalities?  My specialty.The weather should still be unseasonably warm for a February in the south and as Bachelor #1 said in his email this morning “The sunset should be spectacular”.  Oh-la-la. And it’s just a happy hour.  Two drink maximum will definitely be self-imposed.

I know the other question that is burning in your brain is probably “What will she wear?”  I know this because before I could finish the sentence “I have a date!” to my boss/best friend, she immediately countered with “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!” We’ve determined that it’s an after work affair, and therefore denim is a no-go (J-Far, are you proud?).  I’ll be sporting black dress pants, a black blazer, heels, and a colorful silk scarf.  And a great big smile, of course.

So, readers, the bread-and-butter is about to start being served.  Are you ready?


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