Annoying Shit Couples Do: Part 3

If you make it through the first three seconds of John Madden trying realllllly hard to send a text message in the above video, you’ll see Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn during the game.

Seriously?  And it’s not even like Cameron Diaz was giving A-Rod a taste of some amazingly delicious dish that he just had to try. It’s popcorn.  In fact, it’s ballgame popcorn. Spoiler-alert! I can promise you it’s over-buttered, over-salted and demands that you buy the accompanying $5.00 soft drink.

Ugh.  I find it so annoying when couples feed one another in public.  Whether its individual pieces of popcorn or actually stabbing something on a plate, and giving it the ‘here comes the airplane’ motion into the mouth…I just find it so irritating and, dare I say it, disgusting.

Why do couples do this?  I don’t understand.  You never see two friends in public feeding one another.  The public-feeding should be limited to children under four years of age, and adults who are no longer able-bodied.  No lovebirds.

I know I rarely make such bold statements but I’m about to lay one down for you all–If I EVER am caught in public with a significant other (throw me a party! no, seriously..) and I begin to lift a fork to his luscious lips…PLEASE SHOOT ME.  Just take me out back, Old Yellar style, and shoot me.  Because I’ve clearly lost all my  good sense.

So, I’ll open this up for discussion.  Is it weird, or am I being (as usual) harsh?


5 thoughts on “Annoying Shit Couples Do: Part 3

  1. There is no such thing as over-buttered or over-salted popcorn. You get to a point where the kearnels are suspended in “butter-flavored topping” but even then, more butter, I say!

    Sorry — theatres around here are a bit stingy with the stuff.

    Nonetheless, couples feeding each other really just creeps me out. I had someone do that on a date once, and I think that was the sign that things really wouldn’t work out. Sure, slide your plate my way…even hand me a fork if you like…but I’m perfectly capible of lifting a fork and inserting it into my mouth myself, thank you.

    1. I enjoy the first five, maybe six handfuls, of overbuttered, oversalted popcorn..and then my cute little mouth SHRIVELS UP! haha. 😉

      The plate slide is a good move!

      xoxo The Blonde

    1. Home, Cheap restaurants. Going out to payrts with lots of friends. Clubbing. Parks with friends. Random activitys on computers (teeheee) theres a lot of things. like go karting and other stuff look it up. Oh yea one more thing. Concerts and Sports.

  2. No overreaction. It’s just weird when couples feed each other. Is it really so hard to steal a bite off the other person’s plate yourself?

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