Critique my Profile

A partially revealed Jeopardy! Round board in ...
I'll take "I'm Freakin' Awesome" for 1,000, Alex.


A call for review of my OkCupid profile was put out on yesterday’s post.  Well, I’m not posting the whole thing, but I thought maybe I’d post what I thought was most cleverly written.

The prompt is “I’m really good at…” and my response is:

I’m really good at making myself laugh. Honestly I don’ t know if anyone else finds me as hilarious as I find myself, but that’s still not stopping me 😉

Aside from that, I’m good at trivia and Jeopardy. It’s my dream to be on Jeopardy one day, but I’m afraid the categories would be all-poetry and then I’d fail miserably.

Why do I like this?  Because it’s true, mostly.  I’m really good at making myself laugh, at myself, at other things, whatever.  And it also incorporates my love of trivia, playing trivia, and the hope that you’d ask me to either watch Jeopardy! or go play trivia at a local bar.

Am I fooling myself by saying this makes me seem interesting?



7 thoughts on “Critique my Profile

  1. I think the first part projects independence; you don’t have to rely on anyone else to have a good time, you can do that on your own. I think it also makes you sound fun; laughter is warm and happy, and I think that including a reference to laughter is a great idea in your profile.

    Being good at trivia, to me, means that you’re smart and like to learn things, but in a fun way. Trivia usually isn’t too serious, and I think that framing your intelligence in this manner makes you non-threatening. You’re smart and competitive, but not in a scary or intimidating way. (Does that make sense at all? I guess I’m trying to say that you’re hinting that you’re smart, but not that you’re smarter than everyone and going to let them know it.)

    Both of the things you say you’re good at says a lot about your personality but also project the image of a likeable, sociable woman. The way you say these things show that you’re thoughtful—have you looked at any other women’s profiles? I’d bet that not many of them are as descriptive as you are, and that’s why someone thought that you were a guy posing as a woman. They saw some of these underlying cues and thought that you were deliberately sending these signals to ensnare someone and expose who you really are. (Guys can be so silly… but chances are, if one guy believed you were a dude, it’s probably because he’s done something similar!)

  2. The goal of a relationship (at least from a man’s perspective!) is to build something new together. If you are already fully formed and set in your ways then it might seem harder for a guy to picture a future with you. Put more emphasis on where you can go instead of where you have been or where you are now and it may entice guys to imagine where you could go together.

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