Adventures in OKCupid (Again)

A while back my friend showed me the Fiverr website, where you can post menial tasks for a $5 fee and sell them to others looking for your menial service.  I joking put a Fiverr up that said I’d review your online dating profile and photos, and give honest feedback.  Well, nobody responded to my Fiverr (I blame this mostly on the fact that Fiverr hasn’t really taken off, NOT that most people don’t want my advice!).  But I think I may need a Fiverr of my own to review my dating profile on OKCupid. And this bums me out.

No, I don’t use OKCupid much anymore, but I do get the occasional message and I do respond to them.  And today this gem arrived in my inbox:

So, obviously you passed the aesthetics test or shallow men (such as myself) would never contact you, but a buddy of mine was looking over my shoulder and claimed that – without a doubt – your profile looked to have been written by a guy; it’s just too perfect, minus the incompletion. He claimed that any account with so little information is a dead giveaway. I came to your defense, of course, but now we’ve got a $20 bet going as to whether or not you’re real. So I wondered, just between us, am I about to lose $20?

Okay, while I think I appreciate your subtle way of saying my profile is  unique or different or whatever it is you’re trying to say about my sort of implied that I’ m a male masquerading as a female. Or that I am dude-like.  Ouch.

My profile is uniquely mine, in my opinion.  It is everything that is great about The Blonde.  It’s funny, both witty and sarcastic and yet somehow optimistic and upbeat.  It describes what I like and don’t like. It’s honest, and it has 4 very good pictures of me that I think are honest representations of what I look like (i.e. they’re not glamour shots from 1994).

So I have two things to contemplate here:

1) Am I too dude-like for my own good?

2) Is my profile not as totally-effing-clever as I thought it was?

And my profile is not incomplete, damn it.

Humph.  What nerve, suggesting that my profile isn’t a masterpiece!


7 thoughts on “Adventures in OKCupid (Again)

  1. I think he meant it as a compliment, like your profile makes you sound like a woman who guys would like. I’m guessing that you mentioned liking college football? If so maybe he was impressed by that, and any other interests you might have mentioned which most guys might be into and most women might not. I could be completely wrong of course!

  2. Matt,

    I think that’s what he meant, too, but it’s not a very clear way to put it! It made me feel like I was overly manly and self-conscious!

    Maybe I’m just a blonde with a hang-up 😉

    Thanks for the guy’s perspective!

    xoxo The Blonde.

  3. There are a lot of WTF messages sent on OkCupid, or any other dating site for that matter. Sometimes you just have to take a “it’s not me, it’s you” attitude and realize that maybe the reason these guys are online is because they have no idea what to say to a woman. Go through the crappy messages with a glass of wine and crack yourself up, then let it go 🙂

    1. It *IS* pretty funny. The guy who accused me of being a man (or whatever he did) has dreadlocks longer than my own hair as EVER been, and looks like he just got back from a Widespread Panic weekend. Which, you know, is fine. Just not for me.


      xoxo The Blonde

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