To My Beloved on National Signing Day

It’s National Signing Day, or, as I like to refer to it…the most optimistic day of the year!

NSD is typically the first Wednesday in February and signifies the first day that high school seniors can announce or sign their letters-of-intent to universities.  Basically, a bunch of high school football players make a big production about where they’re going to enroll in the fall, and thus, play football.

Being such a huge college football fan, it’s no surprise that I love this day.  I know it’s cheesy or whatever, but since I’m already off work today, I plan to watch ESPNU all day, judge where my team and our foes land, and generally be excited for my team.  And in the evening, I am putting on a form dress and attending a Recruiting Dinner with the coach, where I’ll hear discussion of the 2011 class, eat a fancy dinner probably containing asparagus, and watch video of the new recruits.

I have said, more than once, to people who don’t care, that it is my dream that one day, rather than a floral arrangement for Valentine’s Day, I’ll receive a congratulatory or consoling bouquet on National Signing Day.  I imagine that my future husband will send a bouquet of my favorite orange and white flowers in a lovely vase. There will be a card attached that simply says “Can’t wait til next season!” or “We’ll get you next year…” depending upon his affiliation.  And I’ll squee with delight over the flowers, the signing class, and the fact that he knows me so well.  Coworkers will be confused about the significance of flowers two weeks before Valentine’s Day.  And I’ll just give an aloof look and say “Valentine’s isn’t our thing.  Football is.”

Something like this will do

It’ll go beyond the flowers, though.  We’ll dress to the nines for the recruiting dinner, we’ll have wonderful tailgates and beautiful children dressed in all orange (no matter what their father’s affiliation, I think that carrying a child for nine months means I can put them in any team outfit I see fit!).  Football is a huge part of my life, a hobby and pleasure, and I sincerely dream almost every evening as I fall asleep of having a partner who loves college football as much as I do.

Are my expectations too high? Probably.  But someday I really do think I’ll get this Prince Charming of the SEC. And maybe he will or won’t send flowers on NSD.  But he’ll be there to share in a hobby that I delight in.  And now, that would be quite enough for me.

So, Happy Signing Day everyone.  I’m not getting flowers this year.  But a Blonde can dream, can’t she?


One thought on “To My Beloved on National Signing Day

  1. You sound like Jane Austin. Remember what happened to her? Looking for someone to fill a pair of shoes perfectly is impossible, since no shoes ever fit perfectly 😛

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