On Friday, I treated myself to a happy hour drink with some colleagues.  After all, I’d had a pretty rough week, what with The Friend showing back up, and The Boyfriend’s birthday being Friday…I felt like I deserved just one after work cocktail to set my brain at ease.

Drunk Blonde in Action

But as expected, happy hour turned into dinner and drinks, which turned into dancing it up at a club downtown.  Sober Blonde decided that it was time, once and for all, to stop clinging to the past.  So I deleted The Friend out of my contact list.  But beyond that, I deleted his entire existence out of my smart phone.  Because when you delete a contact, it leaves old emails, texts, and missed calls…so I took the big plunge and deleted even the NUMBER from my phone.  And because I’m a) Blonde and b) it’s relatively new, I haven’t taken the effort to memorize it.  So by the time Sober Blonde turned into Drunk Blondie (you know, 4 drinks later..) I was ANGRY with myself for making it varietably impossible to discern just how to drunkenly contact The Friend.  I may or may not have cried, out of anger.  Thankfully my coworkers are pretty cool themselves AND were having their own issues, so they couldn’t be bothered with the fact that Sober Blonde had outwitted Drunk Blonde.

But it’s a good thing Sober Blonde won out, because there were no texts to be ignored, no calls to fail to answer.  And no regret on Monday morning.  And I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t, a few times since Friday, a little regretful that I don’t have that security blanket of a number to dial or name to text.. but all in all, it’s probably good for me. Strike that.  It *is* good for me.

The next big hurdle, I suppose, will be when I have a mysterious missed call or text message.

After my successful weekend of thoroughly foiling Drunk Blonde, I found an interesting campaign brewing online to encourage myself and other people like me to Break Up with Your Ex Before February 13! Break up with an ex you say?

It’s a campaign geared at something I’ve discussed here at length (ad nauseum?) but I think it bears repeating:  stop virtually stalking your ex.  Cut the virtual relationship! You wouldn’t call him to ask him what’s up?  Then you shouldn’t Facebook him to try to glean answers either! The goal is to have yourself Ex-free by February 13, just in time to celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day—with or without someone new!

What steps are important?

  • Unfollow your ex on Twitter, Foursquare and any other social networking sites;
  • Untag and/or delete photos of yourself and that person online, on your computer and phone;
  • Delete songs and playlists that remind you of the person;
  • Block or erase the person on Google chat, AIM and other instant messaging services;
  • Delete their numbers from your phone and their email addresses from your address book;
  • Enlist the support of friends and community to detach and stay detached from your ex;
  • Get back into the dating scene to complete the moving-on process.

And if you’re successful?  Well, you can post a badge to your facebook telling the world what you’ve done!  Their facebook page even has a feature where you can inform a friend that they need to cut the Facebook-stalking out, thank them for helping you stop the addiction, etc.  My personal favorite feature is a “relationship alert” generator that will post to your feed, informing the world that rather than being single, in a relationship, etc… YOU BROKE UP WITH YOUR EX! How cute is that?

Thanks for listening, friends.  Now that I’ve successfully rid my smart phone of The Friend, I’m about to ensure that my AIM, Google chat, etc. are Friend free, as well as work on untagging and deleting photos on Facebook.  I think most of mine are gone; friends-of-friends, here I come!

PS don’t forget to tell me when you’ve successfully done one of the items on the list.  I hope you’re EX-Free by 2-13-2011 as well! Xoxo The Blonde


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