New Digs, New Opportunities

My day job moved back into a prominent building on campus.  No longer am I The Blonde who lives underground and barely sees sunlight.

And the best part about this building, aside from the vitamin d increase and the fabulous tone of my skin with the extra sunlight, of course, is that we’re back in the hub of campus.  Surrounded by professors, grad students, and just people in general. More than one coworker has pointed out to me what a varietal gold mine this is for a young person like myself.  All the perks of a college campus without actually having to be the college student again!

So I’ve decided that next week I start using the common areas of the new building for lunch and seeing who I can mingle with.  There is a fourth floor lounge, a grad student area, and some sort of reading room with a leather chair.  Monday I’ll do the study room, Tuesday I’ll visit the lounge, and Thursday I’ll visit the grad student area.

I think I’ll spend all weekend strategically picking outfits that show off my assets and also allow me to walk the extra mile to this new building. Hmmm…


5 thoughts on “New Digs, New Opportunities

  1. Please wear a SKIRT, one that covers most of your knee when you are sitting down. Black suede? And, wear no denim at all to work or a date. And. Please learn how to cook. Ask not, and all that. It’s not what you are, it’s what you can specifically offer the other side, in return for what you want them to give you. Of course, if you are the only woman around who does not hate men, you will be the blondest of the blonde.

    Perhaps women who wear eyeglasses need to wear more rouge, because glasses can flatten the face, and rouge gives the face structure. What is redder, comes forward, visually. And not everybody can deal with contacts. On the other hand, glasses might magnify eye-makeup and that’s not so good. Just a theory.

    As for cooking, that is the dangerous activity which nobody does, for fear of being enslaved or something. So, marriage strike. But it’s power. A good cook has power. It is a lost skill, like bow and arrow. But it can be done. And not pretentiously. Calmly, simply, and well. Start with the slow-cooker set up before going to work, with a jar of tomato sauce in it, some little potatoes and a bag of baby carrots, three sticks of celery and a bag of rinsed mixed beans from Goya. Fill with water to an inch from the top, and come home to a serious dinner. You can make a pot of rice. It says how on the box. You can buy a timed rice cooker if you feel like it. You can get over your fear of a food-processor and look like a genius with a potato and an onion.

    You gotta have a gimmick. Cooking will do it for you. And please say no a lot. Yes is not the way to go.

  2. Anybody with a microwave and a glass dish with a lid can put home-cooked potatoes on the table in twenty minutes. Put an inch of water, with some seasoning, in the dish, and cut up the potatoes first, so they don’t burst. No biggie. Eat them hot or cold, with oil and vinegar on them. Or, with oil and lemon juice. You can buy that stuff at Duane Reade. You can have a bag of little potatoes, and one of onions, hanging on hooks for a week or more, until you want them. Only the carrots and celery need to be in the fridge. An oven is nice, but not necessary. A hotplate, a microwave, and a slow-cooker are enough. A good set of stainless steel pots is important. Cheap pots simply cannot cook, not enough metal to hold the heat, and then you think it’s your fault, and you start to hate cooking. But it’s the pots’ fault. Spend the money on good pots, or wheedle them out of somebody who likes you. Stainless steel is naturally non-stick.

    A woman who can cook knows her value, has assurance and isn’t running around trying to please.

    NEVER date a man who can cook. Or who admits to it. YOU are the authority on this. You agree not to know sports stats, and he naively says, gee this is great. Yum. If he explains a more efficient way to slice a tomato, find somebody else. Ugh.

  3. “Never date a man who can cook” = Find someone completely helpless! My roommate’s father is so dependent on his wife that when he visits, he asks my roommate to make him soup. From a can. You (and I) are at an age where if a man is single/living alone, he should be able to cook. Living on fast food and take-out isn’t attractive. It’s expensive—far more expensive than cooking in the long run—and I think it forms bad habits. (i.e., Why bother cooking when you can just go out somewhere?)

    Personally, I think that cooking is an activity that you can enjoy doing with someone, not just for them. But then again, I wear denim on a regular basis, and I know that there is such a thing as wearing too much blush.

  4. OK, yes to all that. But it’s not tactful if he out-clevers you in the kitchen. I would not advise out-clevering him in the garage either, same thing in return. It is ok to hide your cleverness, as long as he is working equally hard at hiding his. As for denim, I am talking about women who are seriously looking, not just hanging out. Denim is informal. It is also very, very young. It is not going to get anybody taken seriously on a date. So, I don’t hate it, I just want women to get better treatment. Even a married woman should not overdo the denim, for all the same reasons. Denim is comfy and easy, but it doesn’t do much for anybody, and it’s very last year, no surprise factor.

    As for blush, too many women don’t use it at all, and then they wonder why nothing happens. Yes, it has to be done right. With two large hand mirrors, and a well-lit window anybody can get it right. Close friends or your mother should only say, “What are you so cheerful about?” Blush makes people look happy and active even if they are neither.

  5. A young single woman should have a few friends over for dinner very, very often, with them bringing red wine, seedless grapes, tangerines, long French breads, and Sharon lemon sorbet for dessert. She should make bland rice in her rice-cooker and beef stew in her Smart Pot slow cooker. The meat can go into the pot still frozen. A good cut of meat, please, London broil. Chuck a little wine into it, near the end, maybe. It is important to lose one’s terror of the kitchen.

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