An answer to your prayers

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Get it?

Magically, after yesterday’s post, I found this little advertisement floating on the side of my Facebook. “Sometimes, late at night…our minds take us places we know we just shouldn’t go…THE EX BLOCKER!”

You see, it’s for a little product called The Ex Blocker, and for no fees…you can download a plug-in for Chrome or Firefox that, with a little help on the front end, will prevent you from seeing anything about your ex! It’s an (almost) fool-proof way to prevent yourself from checking up on your ex.  The plug-in will block google searches (or at least retrieving sites related to) for your ex, their Twitter, their Facebook, and (if you are so inclined to add it) their blog!

Should you change your mind, you can always uninstall the plug-in or remove the person from (what I’m loving referring to as) The Eternal Sunshine list.

The only problem I see with The Ex Blocker is that you can only block four people! So either pick the all-time, top four worst…or stop seeing bad people!

So, am I endorsing this product?  No.  Am I telling you this is the answer to your prayers?  No.  I’m just telling you that, if you’ve got little self-control, this is the digital equivalent of putting on a lock on your refrigerator.

Why, in my day, I had to block The Boyfriend by hand and just PRAY I didn’t get drunk and google him!

Hmm, if only they made this for drunk dials!


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