Where you eat matters more than what you eat

My latest foray into eating alone showed me that the type of restaurant you go matters.  I went to a Chinese bistro in town last night, solo, with the purpose of both filling my belly and putting myself out there, as Patti Stanger suggested.  She suggested sushi, but I already tried that avenue (semi-successfully) and was in the mood for a specific place.

The restaurant was filled with couples.  It didn’t bother me; I’m used to doing things solo now and who ever thought that would be me?! What bothered me was that I picked the wrong restaurant, in the wrong part of town, to meet singles.  Sit-down restaurants with smaller bars that aren’t known for specials aren’t going to be full of singles I suppose.  Sushi at the bar is a casual meeting that people are likely to ‘pop in’ to grab, and bars with specials attract those who are staying longer.

But even the bar was empty, where I sat, except for an older gentleman who was drinking way too much while watching The Weather Channel and didn’t look up from his never-ending glass of beer.

It was nice to be out, though, and even nicer that it didn’t bother me to be flying solo without the prospect of meeting anyone.  What a difference a year makes.

In other news, I did text with Gator briefly.  It was flirtatious but casual, and we didn’t really talk that much.  I sent him a message on Facebook hoping that he was having a better week and was beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel of such a terrible, funeral-centric week.  He commented on a picture of me wearing a snuggie, and we messaged a few times back and forth from there.  I think I am recovering from the overwhelming crush, just very slowly. But that’s another story for another day…Monday.



One thought on “Where you eat matters more than what you eat

  1. Alex,I don’t have a clue, I never really “dated” in the trnatiiodal sense when I was younger. I mostly just hung out with people who happened to be guys. I always just figured it depended on who asked who to do something. If I asked a guy to go somewhere with me, I generally paid the first time we went out and if he asked me, he often paid (although it wasn’t necessary). Maybe some other commenters who are in the midst of the dating world will have more current advice.

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