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The voice of a new generation?

Facebook Boy is like a legit nightmare that won’t stop.  After I did some detective work and figured out that his snooping my page constantly on OkCupid was, in fact, creepy because he had a relationship status with a cute girl on Facebook…I sort of just quit responding to him.  I didn’t respond to his “likes”, comments, etc.  But while driving to Tampa on Friday, he texted me and said “I miss talking to you.”

And it frustrated the hell out of me.  We never ‘talked’ that much to begin with.  I mean, come on Facebook Boy, you texted me maybe 30 times total after a six-month-long tug-of-war on the social networking site.  And you miss that?

I just rolled my eyes, tossed my blonde hair to the side, and kept driving. I had bigger things going on that occupied my pretty little head. My travel mate asked what was wrong and I told her who texted.  “He probably got dumped”  Gosh, I’m such a bitch.

I thought of this random text message earlier today and went on to check his profile.  Just as I suspected, “Facebook Boy is no longer listed as ‘in a relationship'” was one of the first news feed items to pop up.  Recent. First off, I’m a frigging GENIUS.  Never doubt the powers of The Blonde. Second…… Does he think I’m 16? I deleted his number this afternoon.  I realize our friendship isn’t that intense or meaningful, but how annoying is that?

I think all this proves to me is that I need to look at men who are older than me and most definitely older than 21.  Also proper grammar would be a plus and if they could not ask my bra size in the first three text messages, I’d be super grateful.



7 thoughts on “WHY WON’T YOU DIE?

  1. I’m a big proponent of the older man. Women mature faster, dating an older man is like a biological imperative. But don’t imagine age gets rid of ALL the stupid behavior. The jerks will be jerks at any age.

    1. Do you think it’s creepy because of the no-fee factor? Part of me wonders about that..you know? Would I find more normal people if I paid an entrance fee?

      What do you think?

      xoxo The Blonde.

  2. Honey, the older they get, the more damaged they get, seriously (don’t go too old). Guys will always see how far they can go to get what they want, you’re a challenge and hey, it’s up to you if you willing to entertain it (but obviously you’re a smart cookie, no room for douchebags!)

    1. I am always willing to entertain someone who finds me challenging. Dunno why, it’s just how I’ve always operated. The flip side of that is that I always believe any ‘challenge’ guy is winneable. That’s good and bad.

      xoxo! The blonde.

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