And me slowly walking down the aisle

Wedding Photography

I was all dressed up in a gorgeous white dress.  It was strapless, but fit well.  I wondered to myself why I had settled for a strapless dress when, my whole life, I hadn’t ever envisioned a strapless dress for myself. The crinoline crinkled as I shuffled back and forth across the floor.   I felt my hair lightly with my hands and noted that it was up, curly, and sprayed with enough Aquanet for a rainstorm.  Suddenly I remembered that I had much to do, and rushed toward a reception hall, fully clothed for a wedding, carrying too many bags that were full of things I didn’t recognize.

I slammed the bags down and started decorating the table, but nothing was looking right.  Everything seemed yellow, butter yellow, and beautiful. Again, I questioned myself with the butter yellow color-choice, but didn’t think too hard because it was better than I could have planned. Butter yellow? I hate yellow.  But this was pretty..

The weather outside the window looked unseasonably warm.  The thought of walking down the aisle brought a tear to my eye.  As I was rushing to decorate the table, my uncle and my father appeared, and I knew that it was time.  I slipped my arm through each of theirs and the last thing I remember is smiling one huge smile.

And then, early this morning, I woke up on the couch.

To date, this is the most vivid wedding dream I have ever had.  I don’t recall who I was marrying or where it was happening. There was a peaceful feeling about the dream…there was a calm and beauty despite the rush.  And the only thing I’m concerned about today is the fact that two nights ago, I dreamed that The Boyfriend was marrying his current girlfriend. Two wedding dreams in two nights.  Vivid wedding dreams.

Something must be happening that is causing me to subconsciously prepare for a wedding.  I’m guessing it’s not my own, though.  I think my subconscious is preparing for the fact that The Boyfriend may get engaged during this engagement season that is upon us.

The good news is that I handled the news fairly well in dreamland.  And the idea isn’t making me hyperventilate as I sit here typing it out to the great internet unknown.  And maybe I dreamed of my own wedding so vividly last night to remind myself that…it’ll happen for me, too.  Maybe not as fast.  But it will happen.

Who am I kidding though? The day that it happens, expect a giant post here.  And there’s no guarantee that it’s this year.  It’s just a possibility.  A real possibility.  One that even my subconscious wants me to be aware of.


6 thoughts on “And me slowly walking down the aisle

  1. I had a two year relationship end, then the guy I was still madly in love with accidentally knocked up “rebound girl”, and they had a shot gun wedding. It was my worst fears come true, but in the end… it wasn’t so bad. You can do it.

  2. That is a terrible turn of events, but it is awesome that you can tell the story and say “it wasn’t so bad” 🙂 It gives me hope!

    Thanks for reading. XOXO The Blonde.

  3. If you’re anything like me, I really really hope you can’t find out if he does get engaged. I bet I would somehow find out eventually, but I hope that neither I or you are in direct Congratulation paths of this occurance! You’ll be okay!! xoxo

  4. You’re going to find someone fabulous and not care again what happens to The Boyfriend.

    I had a childhood dream that I married a man named Ray. This doesn’t really gel with the fact that my boyfriend of 5 years is not named that. Oh well, maybe it’s an acronym. 😉


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