Here Comes Santa Claus

‘Tis the season of awkward gift giving.  I’ll confess something…I’m a terrible gift-giver.  I don’t know what it is, but I tend to wait until the last-minute, but something you clearly stated that you wanted recently, and then I’m done with it.  But I admire the art of thoughtful gift giving.  Gifts that are classy, given with thought, and just have that je n’est ce pas….they make me gaga!

One of the hardest things to do is buy a gift for someone you’ve only recently started dating.  So I decided this year to pretend for just a moment that I’ve been dating someone for six months and have to buy them a Christmas present?  What would I buy? And I also asked my friend Micah from Heels and Hiking Boots to contribute a part on what to buy for the without further ado I’d like to present a list of “OH MY GOD THERE’S LESS THAN A WEEK LEFT TIL CHRISTMAS” ideas for gift-giving to significant others 😉

For Him:

1.  The Art of Shaving starter kit on for $25.  I like this kit because it’s relatively inexpensive, but very nice.  What’s better than a finely groomed man?  The kit comes with oil, lather, a brush, and aftershave as well as a $25 off coupon for the full-sized kit, should your guy decide to master the art of shaving!

2.  Collection of every issue of National Geographic since 1888 for $45 available at  I think this is a neat gift, and it’s something your S.O. probably wouldn’t think to buy for themselves.  1,400 issues, 8,000+ articles.  There’s a subject for everyone, and at that price, it’s actually less than a yearly subscription to a magazine in most cases.  I’m actually dying to get my hands on this myself, imagine reading Nat. Geo from the 1800s…

3.  Ice bucket and high ball glasses from (prices vary). A bar set is a classic gift, and I think buying a set from Tervis is actually a great idea because you can personalize both the ice bucket and the high ball glasses with nearly anything you’d like.  Sports teams including NFL, MLB, and most colleges are included as well as other designs like John Deere logos, Coca Cola logos, etc.  But my favorite feature of all on is that you can monogram the bucket and glasses with letters, names, etc.  A great personalized gift that is also very functional!

4.  Unique cufflinks I find cuff-links to be one of the only things in mens fashion that I find appropriate to be a little ‘silly’ with.  Ties can look so cheesy, but a unique pair of cuff-links can really be a conversation starter and a nice little remind of who bought them for you.  This website varies in prices, but most are under $50 and of course they have a huge variety.  My personal favorites, though, are the Beatles collection that include the HELP! album cover and, of course, Abbey Road. If your guy is a ‘techie’ more than a music lover, they have a cute set of ‘usb’ style cuff-links too! Very, very cool.

5.  Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know a humorous book full of dirty jokes, only for the good sports out there! It’s relatively inexpensive and I think I’d give this to someone I’m friends with, not someone I’m serious with (unless I paired it with something else that is nice!).  Anyway, I think this book is hilarious…but I’m special like that.

So that takes care of the men.  But what about buying for a woman? Well, since I’ve only dated men…here comes Micah’s piece on buying for a girlfriend!

Anyways, I have been currently dating a girl for almost three months now.  We’re not “boyfriend and girlfriend,” but we may be on our way. What’s going through my mind regarding Christmas is to  get her a gift that says “I think you’re an incredible person, enjoy sharing life with you, and find you cute”  No more, no less.  I don’t want something too romantic or too plutonic.

If you want to buy a great Christmas present for your “we’ve recently begun dating” lady, you have to pay attention.  Girls drop gift hints all the time and you can pick them up if you’re diligent in paying attention to her and what she says. Guys, think really hard back to when you first started dating your girl.  If you can get her a gift from something she mentioned months ago, the extra thought will go a long way and she’ll really appreciate it.

It’s not so much about what exact gift you get her, but really about how it fits into her story as a person.  Personally, I prefer to give experiential gifts.  I think most people dating in their twenties who have a job and can likely afford to buy something they want so they just go an get it.  With an experiential gift, its something that adds to the person’s life story.   It’s not something that sits on a shelf that can be forgotten or sold on Craigslist when you move.

So, here are a few ideas I have on how to find that great gift.

1. Perfume.  Your lady has a particular smell (hopefully its a good one).  That smell got there intentionally.  You should know what she likes to wear and what she’d liked to wear.  Buy her a small bottle of something she’s been wanting to try.  If she ends up not liking it, well, it’s just a small bottle.  If you end up not dating anymore, well, it’s just a small bottle! (and she’ll likely give to a friend).

2. Music.   What does she listen to when you’re in the car?  What do you hear in the background when you’re on the phone with her?  Ask her who she listens to and why.  It’ll be a great conversation and you’ll end up getting lots of hints for a great Christmas gift.

3. A hobby item.  Does you’re girl paint, crochet, cook, hike, or take pictures?  Get her something to support her hobby.  Who knows, she might use what you give her to make something for you in return.

4.  Tickets to a smaller event. I’m talking like a small, intimate acoustic show at a local theater or something like a small local art gallery.  Going to a big concert is fun, but not really an event where you can chat and get to know each other better.

5.  The last resort gift.  If all else fails, I’ve been told by several reliable sources that if you walk into any Bath & Body Works store with a blindfold on, fumble your way to a random aisle, and then reach out and grab something, you can’t lose!

Well gentlemen, good luck and Merry Christmas.

So, there you have it folks.  A concise list of gift giving ideas.  Is there something we’re missing? Something we’re wrong about? Feel free to leave other ideas in the comments and maybe we can help each other out!

Season’s Greetings from The Blonde! xoxo (And Micah!)


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