Goodbye Stranger

mix tapes

Break-ups are so hard.  You know, you spend all this time and energy investing it in someone else and then you wake up one day and it’s just not working.  Whether you part amicably or have visions-of-tire-slashing dancing in your head, breaking up, I think we all can agree, won’t be showing up on the Top Ten Most Enjoyable Activities List.

But I must confess something…I secret sort of enjoy the break up phase where you’ve passed the stage of eating chicken casserole out of the pan with a spoon (What? I’m not a Ben and Jerry’s type of girl)  and you’re able to harness your disappointment into something more productive…a MIX TAPE!

Ahh, the beauty and pain of a mix-tape–well, I guess it’s a burned CD now, but I digress.  Rob from High Fidelity put it best:

The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don’t wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules.

Yes, it is hard work making a mix-tape, but the pay off is so great.  The perfect mix-tape expresses all the emotions you’re feeling, and if well constructed, will express them in the perfect order.

Yeah, I love break up mix-tapes so much that even now, as a single girl, I spend time searching iTunes and Grooveshark for ‘songs that would make a great break up mix tape’.  And I seem to find inspiration in the weirdest of songs.  And lately, for lack of anything else to do and very little drama in my life, I’ve been listening to a break-up mix on Grooveshark because  I love break up mixes that much.

So, for your pleasure…here’s the play list

It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken

Meiko “Boys with Girlfriends”

“What we had was really magic, but I have to get what’s mine. And you’ll get yours.”

Bob Seager “Still the Same”

“Turning on the charm long enough to get you by. There you stood, everybody watched you play, I just turned and walked away, I had nothing left to say,   Because you’re still the same.”

Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”

“If I could, baby, I’d give you my world. How can I when you won’t take it from me?”

Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

“What do you think you’ll do then? I bet that shoots down your plane. I bet it’ll take a couple of vodka and tonics to set you on your feet again. But maybe you’ll get a replacement. There’s plenty like me to be found…mongrels who ain’t go a penny sniffin for tidbits like you on the ground.”

Willie Nelson “You Were Always On My Mind”

“Maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should have…girl I’m sorry I was blind, but you were always on my mind.”

Steely Dan “Dirty Work”

I forsee terrible trouble, and I stay here just the same. I’m a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah. And I don’t wanna do your dirty work, no more.

Cee-Lo Green “Fuck You”

“See you drivin’ round town with the girl like I love and I’m like fuck you and fuck her too. Guess the change in my pocket wasn’t enough”

The Script “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”

” …So if one day you wake up and find that you’re missing me and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be.. Thinking maybe you’ll come back to the place we’d meet. And you’ll see me waiting for you on the corner of the street..I’m not moving.”

Supertramp Goodbye Stranger

“so goodbye stranger, it’s been nice. hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true.”

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