Ethical Dilemma

So, I am going on a date Friday.  I have sort of put this person off but they were gracious enough to ask again, so I figured why not.  We’ll call him The Professor, as he is a lecturer in a Political Science department in the area.  Which is convenient since I, myself, studied Political Science in college.  He also mentioned trivia in his email, and as we know…I’m the queen of useless knowledge…I even won the cruise ship trivia challenge twice! So, I’m sort of excited about the prospect of the date with The Professor.

The question I really am pondering today is not what to wear, where to go, or what to talk about.  My question is…where do I draw the line with this blog?

The Professor probably won’t turn out to be The One Guy To Rule Them All in my life…probably (I mean, you never know!) but eventually somebody will.  What’s safe to blog about?  When do I have to reveal my blog and it’s topic? Will I blog humorously about our first three dates and then just suddenly stop having something to say here? I know it’s not a popular blog, I’m not “freshly pressed” nor am I widely read…but it’s something I am proud of.  I’m not a good blogger, but I’m a consistent blogger…

I have this scene in my mind.  Picture it with me..

The Blonde sits in a cafe, drumming her fingers nervously on a table.  The camera pans in on her face through the window. Outside it is cold, little flurries are coming down.  Inside the occupants look warm and cozy, but The Blonde is watching the door, clearly waiting on someone.  A waitress offers a refill on coffee.  The Blonde politely smiles, declines, and resumes watching the door.

Finally, the date appears.  He looks oddly like John Cusak.  And he’s whistling a happy Christmas toon as he patters down the sidewalk, clearly he’s fallen for The Blonde and can’t wipe the smile off his face.  He busts through the door of the cafe, sees The Blonde and rushes to kiss her cheek, smiling.

The Blonde returns the affection but isn’t smiling, oddly.

The Blonde:  John Cusak (look a like), I have something to tell you. I write a blog.

John Cusak Look Alike:  That’s awesome.

The Blonde:  No.  You don’t understand.  It’s a dating blog.  About me trying to find someone to date and the dates I go on.


The Blonde:  No, no.  It’s nothing like that.  It’s just humor.  I’m just laughing at the funny things that happen to single people! It’s all just a great big joke.

John Cusak Look-alike storms out.

End scene.

Yeah, I know.  I’m not going to be finding a John Cusak look-alike any time soon around these parts.  But the rest of it could happen.  Eventually I have to reveal that I like doing this, even if it’s not that big of a deal to anyone else…and I certainly don’t want it to end that way. But the alternative isn’t much better.

The Blonde: Hi, nice to meet you.  I blog about dating.

John Cusak Look-Alike:  *runs away*


2 thoughts on “Ethical Dilemma

  1. I regularly blog about my dating and relationships and other stuff going on in my life. I have told my new man about my blog. I’ve even sent him copy/pasted snippets of it in email. He totally knows that I blog about him and our relationship. So far, he’s cool with it, though he hasn’t actually read the blog – I don’t think. If he hasn’t read it, he doesn’t know the extent to which I write about him, which is a lot. That is my biggest fear right now, that when I do let him read the blog, he’ll see post after post after post about him and he’ll feel like I’ve violated his sense of privacy. It’s a weird line that I suppose moves on a sliding base depending on the person and how comfortable they are with you writing about them.

    But anyways, I do hope that you find your JC look-alike and you’ll live happily ever after and he’ll LOVE the fact that you blog about him!

    1. I think it’s great that you blog about your relationship (as a reader 🙂 ). I am hoping to find the balance and know when it goes from being humorous to just not appropriate. So far I feel like I’ve kept a real balance by staying fairly anonymous, using nicknames that aren’t initials, etc. I know that The Boyfriend has probably read this blog because a few mutual friends read it and link to it. But I don’t think I’ve offended his senses enough to have him write me anything nasty, which is a good sign I think… so maybe I know more about boundaries than I think I do!

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