An OkCupid Round-Up

Cupid  Awake ~ Antique Lithograph

I know, I know.  You don’t have to remind me that you come here to read about my adventures in dating..and that as such you expect me to actually date.  I get that. And I’m trying.  Just as much for myself as I am for you guys!

Yesterday my friend (she needs a nickname here..I’m gonna call her The Brunette until she complains!) The Brunette asked how my pursuit with OKC was going, as I haven’t updated that here in a while and she hadn’t heard me mention it.

Truthfully, it hasn’t been going.  I don’t log in much, I hadn’t responded to anyone in a couple of weeks.  I complained to her that I thought the people in my city maybe aren’t the most dateable, and that despite their creepy letter stating that I would see better looking people, I hadn’t really noticed any.  And for someone like me to say that, it must be serious. Because The Brunette consistently complains that I have bad taste in men anyway!

Well, about an hour after complaining to her and determining that free OKC was terrible and that if I wanted any sort of relationship clearly I needed to be on a pay site (like Match or EHarmony), my friend had signed up with OKC, created a profile, and was facebook chatting with a match.  By her description, he sounds like her type! I am excited for her, for sure, and hope that at least her dating leads to interesting topics here.  insert sad trombone sound.

I guess I haven’t really read much about how to online date, or create online profiles to attract what I am looking for.  The only pieces of advice I really recall in this whole scenario are from (who else?) Patti Stanger.  1) Have professional photos made for your profile and 2) Don’t pose with a beer, you’ll attract alcoholics.

I don’t think my pictures are the problem.  I think I got a few good matches in the beginning and wrote them off for silly reasons.  The guy who asked me to go watch a football game the same day we were matched…? And I wrote him off and I believe I used the word “CraigsList Killer”? I sort of regret that.  He came up yesterday in my matches, and I read his profile again.  Besides being super attractive, I think we had a lot in common.  Oh, also he was interested in taking me out. Way to go, Blonde, way to go.

I’m not saying I think he was The One To Rule Them All or anything of the sort . I’m just saying if I keep turning down decent men who are interesting and interested (in me), then I’m not serving myself whatsoever. 

So I’m going to re-energize my OKC profile, answer more of their match questions, and make an effort to put myself out there.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll consider a pay site, but I can’t really see why if I put effort in this time, it won’t pay off somehow.

I have a challenge for you, though, readers . When I read back and read my complaints about OKC, I realized I was being ridiculous.  Did you realize it when you read it? If you did, will you comment and point this out to me next time?! It’s okay, I promise.  That’s what we’re supposed to be doing here.  I’m The Blonde..and everybody else? You’re the blind.  You’re leading me.  Whether you should be or not!


2 thoughts on “An OkCupid Round-Up

  1. Whilst I was watching basketball yesterday, my all-time favorite coach ever was quoted as saying, “Nothing works, if you don’t.”

    Take heed, my Blonde Best Friend.

    It will come.

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