Facebook Boy Update

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The Saga of Facebook Boy

One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure.

Today, while perusing Facebook’s new “friendship page” feature (which, incidentally, is another post entirely!) I looked at my Facebook friendship with Facebook Boy.  (click these links to relive the tale of Facebook Boy!)

And he’s in a relationship.

The girl is cute.  I sort of suspected he was interested in her during our short-lived text-based relationship.  She wrote on his Facebook a lot, and he was always trying to get group activities started but they usually fell through if she couldn’t go.

There are several pictures of them together on his Facebook.  So they’ve been together for a good while it seems.  At least around the time he was texting me, or shortly thereafter!

Anyway, part of me was cranky when I saw this.  I mean, after all the truly horrible texting I had to suffer through, combined with the fact that I didn’t even want to date him but agreed to anyway only to be stood up…he ends up with a really cute (cuter than me?) girlfriend? Unfair, universe.

But on the other hand, perhaps this is an explanation of why he stood me up.  Maybe the reality of dating someone other than her was what it took to wake him up and give him the courage to ask her out on a date.

I don’t particularly enjoy being a guinea pig for these things, but if being turned down by someone I was only half-interested in leads someone to a real relationship…I guess worse things have happened.

Pardon me while I go sulk.


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