The Blonde Shorts


Ever wish you could watch moments of your life over again? No? It’s just me, I suppose.

Well, I only want to watch the funny ones.  So the other day while watching a funny video about TSA security searches (who ever thought we’d be calling pat-downs funny? oh 2010..), I found a sort of cool website called Xtranormal, where you can take text and convert it to a movie.

JACKPOT.  Now I’ve spent two days re-creating great moments from my dating life.  And wait ’til you see this little series I’ve created called “If OKCupid Was Real Life”.

But for now, I submit for your viewing pleasure:  The Incident That Created This Blog. Please note that I do, indeed, think that I am Jim Halpert with the knowing-look at the annoys all my friends but amuses me to absolutely no end.



2 thoughts on “The Blonde Shorts

  1. Definitely happened. And the next day I came here and started this blog. I figured a) you can’t make this stuff up and b) there has to be a better way.


    Xoxo The Blonde.

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