Fortress of Solitude
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I have returned from the Thanksgiving holiday, mostly unscathed I think…well, fairly unscathed.  But at least there is good blog fodder to follow from a holiday spent with extended family, right?

The holiday was fairly typical.  I, of course, romanticized the idea of being at home for Thanksgiving with my extended total about 25 people.  But then the reality comes in.  It’s crowded, hot, and annoying.  And I spent the rest of the break wishing I didn’t have to be where I was.

Things were mostly fine until I overheard a particularly nosey relative asking another family member if I brought anyone to dinner.  And by anyone, of course, she meant a boyfriend.  “No, I think she’s strictly business right now.”

A kind answer, diplomatic even. But the nosey Nellie persisted with other family members, inquiring about my relationship status, until she finally got to the source.

Nosey Nellie looked at me in a very, very pitiful way and then asked in a quiet voice.  Don’t you have annnnnnyone at all?”

The phrase “anyone at all” makes it sound like I am just rotting away in my Superman-style Fortress of Solitude, unable to catch anyone to be my boyfriend.  The truth is, I’ve not really put a lot of effort into finding anyone at all.  I could walk out on the street today and find anyone at all.  I keep waiting for someone significant.  And in the meantime, I’ve enjoyed the someones I’ve already got.

I’ve got lots of people.  I have a great family (hmm, except for you, Nosey). I work with good people who I am fortunate to be able to socialize with frequently.  I have good friends outside of work.  I am satisfied with the turns I am taking with my life, heck..I even have a fairly cute blog about the fact that I don’t have “anyone”.  I have myself, and lately that has been more than enough for me.  The relationship I have with myself is the most important one I’ve cultivated in the past two years, actually.

But how do you express this to someone, who clearly has a bottom line expectation that partners–significant others–are key?  I couldn’t sum up my entire two-year journey to Nosey Nellie.  And I didn’t really want to.  So I just made a joke out of it.  “Never again.”

She pointed out that I said that last year.  “Obviously I meant it then, didn’t I?”

I guess I’ve got to get new material if I’m not going to be bringing someone to Christmas.

But I don’t mean it.  I do want to have someone in addition to all the other someones I’ve got. I want someone to do the stupid stuff with…like watch a marathon of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries, or drive through the racetrack that’s full of Christmas lights and listen to really, really horrid Christmas carols.  Maybe it’s time to get serious about this pursuit.

But not because I need just anyone.  Because I need someone.


This week I want to talk about bringing significant others to holiday functions, some other holiday-related things that happened, and what the status of my OKCupid profile seems to be.  Stay tuned! xoxo The Blonde.


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