I’m Ready for What’s Next

Yesterday I went to the early game; it started at noon, it was a big game and I was excited.  The weather was nice and warm, the sun was shining.  It was Homecoming. 

I was pleased to be spending time with family and watching, what else?, football.  We laughed, high-fived, had a great time.  After the game we visited a new statue on campus and then went out to the mall.  For dinner, we tried a new wood-fired pizza place and watched the UGA vs. Auburn game.  I had the buffalo chicken pizza, for your information.  It was hand tossed on wheat crust, had chicken that was cooked in Texas Pete, and had tiny bits of diced up celery on it along with blue cheese dressing.  Truthfully it was probably pure fat cut into triangle slices, but it was a new taste and I loved it. 

I love football Saturdays, I love being out in the sunshine.  I love trying new foods, and I love having busy Saturdays that are fun.  When I got home last night I sat down on the couch, flipped on the TV to veg out…and realized that, for the first time…maybe ever…I thought it would have been nice to share the day with a boyfriend.  Not The Boyfriend.  Not The Friend.  Just someone who enjoys the same things I do, that laughs at my lame jokes, that high-fives me after a pick-six.  It wasn’t a sad feeling, and I didn’t miss anyone specific.  It was a feeling that I have room in my life again to share the good stuff with someone. 

It was a hopeful feeling, actually, because for so many months I’ve thought that I’d never be able to be ready for that.  And yes, I realize that it’s easier to be ready in theory than in practice.  But even the theory had been freaking me out for a while.  So the fact that I could feel the room being made in my heart…well, it was just encouraging. 

Maybe this blog is about to get interesting.


One thought on “I’m Ready for What’s Next

  1. Exciting!
    I like to pretend I’m ready, then after a few weeks I freak out and leave, I haven’t mastered the maturity level of being alone yet.

    By the way, I was watching the UGA game also Saturday! 🙂

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