Freedom Friday: Working Late

The clarification process can bring out the cl...
Have a drink...or three...on me!


I haven’t posted a Freedom Friday in a few weeks; not because I’m not thankful to be single but because I’ve just had so many other things to say.

I was driving in to work early this morning, around 6:30, and I realized that I’d be getting home pretty late.  I’m touring my new office facilities after work.  There will be wine, so I’ll have to have a responsible amount (it’s free wine and I can drink it in my future office space, if that’s not baller I don’t know what is!) and then let it vacate my system for the drive home. 

I made the plans to go in a spur of the moment decision.  The invitation came yesterday while I was off, and I RSVP’d instantly, without a second thought.  And that was nice.  The Blonde will attend, no plus one necessary.  And no phone calls to make afterward.

You see, there is something to be said for being in control of my own plans.  Of coming home when I want to come home.  Of having no explanations necessary.  If I want my dinner to be a glass of wine and a mini-quiche as I mingle with architects of my renovated building, that’s fine.  Nobody is waiting on me to get home to start cooking dinner. I don’t feel compelled to rush home just to say I am there.  If I end up wanting to go out for another drink after the tour and reception, I have that option too.  Or I can go home and sleep.

There are two sides to every coin.  Yes, sometimes I’d like to have someone to plan with, to cook for, to be waiting on me at home.  But the brighter side of this is that, for a while at least, my plans are mine, my time is my own.  It’s refreshing to be able to change plans quickly and effortlessly. 

So if you’ve got someone waiting on you at home, you’re lucky.  But if you don’t…you’re pretty lucky too.  Cheers!


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