Goodbye Wedding Season

Seasons Changing (273/366)
Summer turns to Engagement Season


Wedding season, which I would consider at its peak from May through August, and extending at a steadily declining pace through October, is over.  This particular season was a busy one for me. This wedding season I served as Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding and I was a bridesmaid in my almost-youngest cousin’s wedding as well. I attended a few other weddings as a guest.  I am suddenly at the age where the scales are tipping and more of my friends are married rather than single.  And I’m still okay with that.  I had a great time being the MoH for the best friend and would gladly serve in anyone’s wedding who asked.  However…I will admit I breathed a sigh of relief  as Halloween came and I realized that, for the most part, wedding season had ended.

But then I logged in to my Facebook this morning and saw not one but three newly betrothed announcements listed on my newsfeed.  And one is a very sweet girl in my office who I didn’t really suspect would be engaged soon. 

“I thought we were past all this,” I wailed to myself.  I thought wedding season passed and I could coast through the rest of 2010.  No more bridesmaids dresses for 2010. No more bridal showers, no more gifts, no more parties, no more questions! Nothing ever really works out like I think it will, though.

I suddenly realized that, for there to be a ‘wedding season’ there also has to be an ‘engagement season’. 

 By my estimation, engagement season begins just before the holidays.  And from past experience engagement season extends through the end of February for obvious reasons.  And I’m not the only one who just thinks it’s a season– reports that nearly 1 million couples will be engaged over this holiday season.  That’s nearly one-third of the year’s engagements.

Having an engagement season in the late fall and early winter ensures that midsummer through early fall is filled with weddings.  It’s an endless cycle, much like the blooming of the flowers and the turning of the leaves. Couples are engaged before the holiday season in order to spend holidays with families, or they’re engaged around Valentine’s Day in order to commemorate the holiday or just squeeze it out to ensure they’re married by the next wedding season…it’s a chicken/egg scenario, I suppose. 

Wedding season has its invitations and RSVPs and ‘plus one’ decisions.  Engagement season is full of Save-The-Dates and stories of the first holiday with new families.  It’s a time of photo-sharing and Facebook-status-changing.  There are parties to attend to celebrate the announcement.  And of course there are gifts to buy to wish the new couple well.  I’m interested to see what the 2010 engagement season brings, and how I observe it with this new eye.  I can already tell that I will be swept up in wedding planning in the office.  I am full of opinions that aren’t necessarily wanted, but when has that ever stopped this Blonde? 

So, Happy (Merry?) Engagement Season everyone! I’m truly happy for you.  Even if I thought this was over until May… 😉


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