I just feel like I have some loose ends to tie up, so it’s a post of mish-mash and with no particular theme.

Facebook Boy.  Several inquired about him.  I gave in and agreed to meet him at Panera one evening after work.  Literally 15 minutes before scheduled meeting time, he texted to say he was having a family emergency and could not meet me.  He has not texted since. And then just today, after noting that he has “liked” four of my status updates on Facebook recently, I saw him at the university center.  He became instantly and deeply involved in something on his cell phone.

I don’t think we’ll be getting together any time soon.  I clearly make him nervous for some reason. 

Halloween costumes and the party I attended.  I hemmed and hawed about what I should create for Halloween.  The front-runner for a long time was a “Walk of Shame” but I questioned the cooth0e of this costume.  Finally, inspiration hit.  Tom Cruise from Risky Business! It was easy to make, pretty cute, and still out of the ordinary for me to run around in public in just socks!

The party I attended was great.  I went to a club with a friend for a party that was sponsored by the student bar association.  The costumes were fairly creative there, and it was a demographic that ranged from just a little younger than I to just a little older. I promised myself to chat up at least 3 guys, and managed two.  It wasn’t a conducive environment for chat, but I did it anyway.  The first guy was dressed as Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire.  When I asked him to do the Carlton dance, he did so over-enthusiastically and crashed into a wooden beam head-first.  He walked away without saying anything else.  I felt horrible; I know he was embarrassed.

The second charmer I spoke with seemed interested but overly critical of the authenticity of my costumes; he insisted that Tom Cruise wore a ‘beater’.  I assumed he meant an undershirt.  Incidentally, he didn’t.  Anyway the conversation progressed until he asked my age; I told him the truth and he instantly said “Wow, that’s too old.” 

He was 24.

That’s the quick update on what’s been going on with The Blonde…what’s been going on in your neck of the woods?


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