Crib Notes for Cleaning Your Crib


I’m fairly tidy person, but I’ll admit that sometimes my house can be less than Martha worthy. I try to keep it up to snuff for visitors, but I can’t be the only person who sometimes has a messy house and then you realize a date might be picking you up or dropping you off…soon. It’s common sense to clean your entire house, but sometimes you don’t have time to prepare for a date.  But there are a few tricks that you can do that take just a few moments and will be helpful.    

So I thought I’d give everyone a guide on what to do if you’re having someone over, whether they’re staying the night or just dropping by. Think of this little list as a cheat sheet for emergency date cleaning. I’ve added emphasis to points that I think are particularly “clutch” in these scenarios.    

First off, clean the area where you’ll have them wait for you.  This is usually your living room, so be sure that the table is straightened, any reading materials you might have are stacked, and dishes are removed.  This is the place they’ll likely spend the most time, so put the extra effort in here and make it more tidy. 

I call this the old “clean underwear” trick.   Didn’t your mother always tell you to wear clean underwear in cases of emergency trips to the doctor?  Well make up your bed in case the person is invited back later…or in case they need to use a restroom and end up in the bedroom. Whether you intend for them to enter your bedroom or not, make up your bed.  You never know what will happen. 

CLEAN THE BATHROOM THAT YOU WILL OFFER THEM.  I cannot stress this enough.  Whether you’re male or female, having a tidy bathroom is essential if you’re having a guest. Even if they’re just popping by to pick you up, clean the bathroom.  You never know when somebody “really has to go”. However, you don’t have to do a deep clean if you’re in a time crunch.  Throw all used towels in your laundry, wipe out the sink, run a brush around the toilet.  Pull the shower curtain over.  Ladies, lift the seat of the toilet and wipe it down.  Men, ensure you have some t.p. for your guest. These last two details will be crucial for you.

The last thing I’d recommend is to clean the dishes out of your sink, rinse out your sink basins, and leave a clean glass out on the counter.  This way, should your guest need a drink of water, the cup is already out, and they don’t have to get in a cabinet.  Much like the bathroom, you never know when someone picking you up might ask for a drink of water.

Keep in mind that most folks will mind their business and stay where you put them, but you can’t make any guarantees.  Also, keep in mind that most people are understanding if your house isn’t ready for the white glove inspection…however, a really untidy house can be a poor impression.  Not only is it a turn off to know someone lives in filth, but it can lead to questions of organization in other parts of your life.


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