Q&A Tuesday


What type/genre of restaurant do you think is best-suited for dates?




There are two places in my town that I would like to be taken. It’s my dream that, one day, a guy will independently invite me to one of these two places. Not even a first date, just any date. The two places are low in price but high in atmosphere and kitsch. One is a restaurant and bar that keeps odd hours, but has an eclectic menu and an interesting downstairs area. I’ve eaten here alone, but want to go with a partner. The second place is a meat-and-three located in the east part of my city, it is not a place that is fancy at all. In fact, most people won’t go inside the place. But I’m interested in trying their food. I’m not sure I’ll ever find someone who will straight out ask me there, but I’m still hopeful. The next person who asks me out, maybe I’ll suggest one of the two secret places.


I think the environment of the restaurant is more important than the genre of food they provide. Some restaurants are loud, some are awkwardly quiet. Some are private and some are more about being ‘seen in the scene’. Ideally, before a gentleman asks a lady out, he has some sort of sense of her style and can intuit whether or not she prefers to be taken to one of these restaurants that is popular and part of the scene, or if she’d rather be taken somewhere low-key.

Personally, I like to go somewhere that is less stuffy, and more casual. Especially on a first date. I like a relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t involve a lot of “which fork should I use for the appetizer?” questions. I am nervous enough, I don’t want my etiquette skills to be scrutinized on a first date. But I also don’t want to go somewhere that is super loud. I went to a brewery on a first date a few months ago and while I normally love the brewery we went to, it was annoying because we sat at the bar and I could barely hear. I left with a sore throat because I was fighting to speak at an audible volume and there is a lot to say on a first date.

Sushi seems to be a very trendy choice right now. I personally like sushi, but I feel like it’s starting to become a ‘old stand-by’ for men. By simply choosing sushi they seem to be making a trendy choice that makes them appear cultured and smart. Please. They serve sushi at the grocery store now!



3 thoughts on “Q&A Tuesday

  1. Genere of food is imporatant, though: It seems that I’ve dated my fair share of vegitarians (I think actually the majority of women I’ve taken on a date)… a steakhouse is, then, probably not a place where they would feel completely at ease.

    Likewise, some people really don’t care for certain particularly bold foods (Mexican, Thai, etc) so even if that place has great atmosphere…it’s probably best to steer clear (I’m really not a -cooked- seafood person, and I really want to like sushi based on sushi places’ atmospheres but I just can’t do it)

    And don’t worry too much about the ettiquite thing: If you’re eating at a restaurant where it mattes the silverware will be laid out for you: Start with the utensils furthest from the plate and work your way in. And as I learned at some ettiquite thing: It’s a far greater breach for someone to point out someone else’s ettiquite faux pas than it is to commit one yourself: In other words, if he says something…

    1. Sorry, I was away at a meeting and just realized the question wasn’t showing up. I am The Blonde, so I think I’m going to use that card on this situation 😉

      The question was centered around what is conducive to a date. And I sort of think that, despite the fact that I understand etiquette and using the right fork, that isn’t a great idea for a date, especially if you’re getting to know someone in the early few weeks. A stuffy environment, and I do find those environments stuffy, cannot be the ideal place to get to know someone. Just like a loud Brewery.

      And I sort of assume if you’re asking someone to dinner, you’ve picked up whether or not they’re a vegetarian. Certainly, someone who has a diet restriction is going to mention it before the date is agreed upon. There isn’t much I don’t like, but if someone suggested a place that I’m opposed to, I’m going to mention it. I’m just like that..

      Happy eating 🙂
      Xoxo The Blonde.

    2. datingwomensexGood stuff, because if a chick wants a fancy date and not to just hang out with you, than she is fake. If a woman likes you she will hang out with you while you are doing reglaur stuff that you usually do.

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