TBLTB Presents: Freedom Friday, Insurance Edition

Today is the last day for open enrollment for a new insurance program at work. We’re being required to switch to a higher priced program this year, and we had several choices.  Some choices involved making an agreement to reach certain health goals for a discounted (that is still more expensive than our current plan).  And of course, varying doctors participate in various programs and are not included in others. 

It’s been a stressful decision for me, actually.  I know that whatever I chose will affect me, good and bad.  It h as been a challenge to research what doctors I currently use, what I am willing and able to do to keep on the “partnership” plan to receive the discount, and determining my ability to reach a deductible.  The wrong choice would mean disaster, I suppose.

Pricing are rising, coverage is falling.  And the plan I chose requires that you meet certain health criteria or face losing your cheaper coverage.  If you have a spouse or child, they also have to meet these requirements or the entire family is moved to the more expensive, but less coverage, insurance option. 

So, today I am thankful to be single because the choice only affects me.  I do not have to worry about a spouse or child to cover on this insurance.  The choice I make will only affect my health.  I only have to worry about affording something for me.  And I control my health.  Only me.  Just me.  What I eat, when I exercise.  It affects me and ONLY  me, and only I can do something positive to influence this or negative to detract from it.

I see people around me figuring out how to cover this spouse and children with good health coverage that is affordable.  And I see the look of panic, the look of confusion on their face.  So, for now at least, I am in control of me.  And only me.  And sometimes, that freedom is pretty good.  I am making choices for myself, and even if they are the wrong choices, the only person who has to live with it…is ME!


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