Sexy Princess

I was invited to a Halloween Party by a friend this week.  I’m excited to go, but I’m facing the age-old question of “what to wear”.  Now, I face this dilemma just about any time that I go anywhere.  But I find Halloween compounds the problem because it’s actually a situation where you could, potentially, wear anything.

Unfortunately, for most girls, Halloween is actually just an excuse to wear a “sexy” costume.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why it’s popular to pick a story book character, cut the skirt in half and put the thigh-highs on and bam! instant costume.  Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy Gale from Kansas. Snow White, Cinderella.  They’re all made into “adult” costumes that are then re-named Sexy Alice.  Sexy Dorothy. And of course it doesn’t stop there.  Sexy cop, sexy fire fighter, sexy doctor, sexy nurse, sexy teacher.  And it’s all the same.  Sure the costume changes.  But the elements are all the same.  Short skirt, thigh high stockings. 

I find it boring.  If you go to a bar on Halloween, the costumes all have different names and identities but look like carbon copies.

And I am not even complaining about the fact that girls choose to dress in a scanty manner or choose to wear less clothing on Halloween.  I think that’s fine.  It’s a night of revelry and inhibitions.  A night made to be something you normally aren’t.  Go wild, have fun.  But can we at least be creative, girls?

Instead of going to Party City and Target and buying the packaged costume that shows off your boobies, can you at least think of something funny, socially relevant, or clever–and still show off your boobs?

I know what you’re thinking..that takes time and effort, both of which you’re usually short on.  But riddle me this, dear readers, how are men managing to come up with clever costumes that are original, amusing, and not just a giant banana suit? Last year I saw some of the best costumes ever–made on the cheap, and made by hand by men.  Someone was dressed as the Pope, another man had on a very elaborate but homemade King Tut suit, and the winner of best costume (in my humble opinion) was the man in silver paint with a blow up doll tied to himself, upside down–a STRIPPER POLE! Ahh, the creativity. More than half of the men I saw were wearing self created costumes, using either store bought elements combined in an unusual way, or simply using materials from their home. Very, very rarely did you see a man wearing a costume that was sold at a party store.  Women, on the other hand, were completely the opposite.

I am brainstorming for a great costume this year.  Last year, mine was particularly clever, as were most of my female friends.  I went as Miss Diagnosed, a nod to the Miss South Carolina debacle and a play on words. I had very messy, tearful make up and a giant pink prom dress with a crown and sceptre.  If I’ve mentioned this before, it’s because I’m so proud of my costume, the attention it received, and the fact that it didn’t come out of a package.  My other friends were Hester Prynne (really pregnant!), a flapper, and a dress made of a Twister mat and board. Clever.  And the bonus was you could weed out bad men by who laughed at Hester or seemed appreciate of our costumes, sans thigh high stockings.

All I’m asking is for some effort, ladies. It’s not much of a challenge to buy a costume designed to inspire thoughts of sex.  Get creative. Have fun. Be sexy. Be clever. It’s possible to be both. Wear thigh highs that you bought separately!


3 thoughts on “Sexy Princess

  1. Cleolinda on LJ has a post about the “Horrors of” It’s funny, in an “OMG what have you DONE TO MY CHILDHOOD” kind of way:

    Amidst all these sexy costumes, you left out Sexy Spongebob, as well as my all-time favorite, the same Batgirl costume that’s made for children, teens, AND women. (The Adult costume is part of Rubies’ “Secret Wishes” collection, which is made up entirely of slutty costumes, ostensibly for role-playing.)

    Not only are these costumes completely devoid of creativity, they’re usually extremely poor quality. So you’re forking out between $40-$60 for something that will be thin (and therefore freezing!), look only marginally like the character you’re supposed to be dressed as, and may or may not fall apart through the course of the evening.

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