The State of the Blonde 2010

While some of us tend to do our reflective thinking toward the end of the year, I am more likely to do it around the time of my birthday. I find it much more pleasurable to look back on how I spent the last year from birthday to birthday, and make plans for my next year so that when I blow out candles, I have a new set of wishes. It gives me a chance to do some soul-searching and goal setting before the rest of the general public begins doing it. And hey, if I can’t succeed with these, I have a second chance in three months 😉

So today I come to you on my 26th birthday to discuss the state of The Blonde, and ladies and gentle, The Blonde is…..mediocre. But improving every day! Things have steadily improved for me almost every single day that I was 25. Let’s look at accomplishments.

First and foremost, I started this blog. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted, but I came here, started the process, and wrote down what I was feeling. Friends made up the majority of my traffic until a very good friend passed my blog on to Instapundit. My instalanche.brought my readership to an entire new audience. And I only see bigger things coming in the future! A recent radio feature in Indianapolis is proof of this. I hope that you’ll each continue to drop by when you can and read about my adventures in dating. I am so grateful for every single person who’s ever visited this site, intentionally or not. I promise to keep blogging if you’ll keep reading.

On the dating front, I’ve made progress, but certainly not as much as I would like. I did go on a first date in July, but it wasn’t a love connection. Truthfully I probably didn’t give it a chance though. And recently the Facebook Boy debacle turned sort of sour. I am promising that I will make more attempts to meet people, that I will go on dates when asked (sans creeper-status-men), and I will be open-minded. There are a lot of ways I can change the way I am living. I like people, and I like having fun, and there is no need for me to spend so much time at home when I am so young.

On the randomness front, I did fairly well this year. While this may seem like a bad category to score high in, I really take this to mean that I am loosening up and becoming more spontaneous. Prior to this year, I had never kissed someone I didn’t know. This year, I made out with some guy in a bar on my birthday. Then, in Las Vegas, I had too many men. I was paid $20 just to speak to one, then another guy randomly grabbed me on the strip one night and tried to make out with me. I remember, vaguely, being pulled apart from some guy at a bar that same night by a friend I was travelling with, and finally, I got free drinks at one of the casinos all night from the bartender because he thought I was so adorable. I pledge to cut back on the randomness this year, as I think one year of having crazy fun is probably enough at my age. But I am loosening up!

In things that I am trying to get rid of, I am doing…okay. But I am here to pledge this, to myself, and to my readers. I will not text, call, nor respond to The Friend. 26 will be the year that I move on from this phase of my life and will not fall back on The Friend for comfort and companionship. Though I will miss this phase of my life, and I spent much of 25 getting better about this, I still haven’t been perfect. So beginning today, dear readers, I will not contact him again. It is a fresh start from the 18th of October onward. I promise. Amen.

I climbed a waterfall and rode roller coasters this year. Two things that absolutely scared the bejesus out of me. But I am proud that this is finally the year that I can stand up and say “No more!” to fear. Whether it is a tangible fear or intangible fear, I am learning, slowly, to stand up for what I want, no matter what stands in my way. I have never had courage or confidence in my life. But I’m getting there. I hope this confidence to tackle physical obstacles bleeds over into my dating life and encourages me to be more courageous there too!

I am in a great place, health wise, as well. I am still down 100 pounds, enjoying a new body that allows me so many freedoms. I am able to run, jump, swim, and climb at my leisure. It gives me something to focus on, as well as something to be proud of. And it’s not so bad for picking up me, either. I am so proud that this is the year I held on to what I wanted and kept my weight in check. And I’m pretty proud at the attention is garnered as well!

What else do I hope to accomplish this year as The Blonde? Aside from going on more dates, I hope that I forgive myself for my past. It is my desire to acknowledge the mistakes I have made and move on from them without weighing myself down. Beginning today, I choose growth and movement for myself. There is not much I can change about the past, I can only make better choices. Cheating, jealousy, whatever it is…I control my future. I know what I want to be, and therefore I can be it. This is the year that I forgive myself. I promise you and myself.

I hope to be a better friend. I hope that I keep up the amazing friendships I have. I hope to make new friends and meet new people. I hope that I can recognize when I need to let go of relationships, too. I hope that I treat myself as well as I would treat others.

I hope that I am more confident and able to go places in order to meet guys. I want to be open-minded and willing to give them a chance. I want to not freak out when someone shows legitimate interest in me!


On a personal note, I hope to find myself a path that I want to be on, career and education wise. I did take the LSAT, and depending upon how things turn out, I hope to be writing this State of the Blonde next year from a law school. There are no guarantees, and I am open to the future and whatever it holds for me. But I am going to take this year and give an honest effort to finding what I want to be doing with my life. This is about me, not anyone else. I cannot control whether I write this State of the Blonde with a boyfriend next year or not, but I can control what *I* am doing. I hold my destiny here. And for the first time in a long, long time, I’m ready to accept that again.

So I really appreciate everything this blog has done for me. Through this blog I have an outlet for my humorous stories as well as the serious questions I feel like I face regarding dating as a 26-year-old female who’s back on the scene. Thanks for reading, commenting, stopping by. I appreciate everything I’ve been given.


3 thoughts on “The State of the Blonde 2010

  1. A recent radio feature in Indianapolis is proof of this.

    OMG WHAT. Do tell! 😀

    I really like the idea of doing a self-assessment every once in a while. I feel like it really would have helped me early on in law school… It’s just so easy to get caught up in the bad things and overlook the good things. I’m glad you shared this with us.

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