No Thank You

If you’ve read my last few posts (aside from the crazy one about the psychic!) then you’re familiar with the saga of Facebook Boy.

As I am apt to do from time to time, I decided to compose a list of pros and cons of going somewhere with Facebook Boy and see where the chips fall, in addition to the poll I encouraged you all to vote in.

So, without further ado, here is Thursday’s Pro and Con list of going somewhere with Facebook Boy.


  • It’s just dinner. Free dinner.
  • It’s fodder for this blog
  • It’s practice for dating and conversation
  • I wanted to go out with him until we texted


  • The bra think really, really bothered me
  • I have that feeling in my stomach that says ‘stay home’
  • I don’t think we have much in common
  • He texts too much, too soon.
  • 30 Rock‘ is live tonight and I absolutely do NOT want to miss this.

Even after the pro-con list I can’t make up my mind.  On the one hand, I don’t want to go because I find him creeper-ish now.  But on the other it’s practice and I don’t get asked out particularly often.  I can’t decide if either reason is compelling enough to go out or stay in.

He asked me to Panera, but never followed up with a time.  When I said I would consider it and let him know, he then asked if we could hang out after Panera too.  Which is the antithesis of everything I want in a date.  I want a short date with an easy escape plan should I need it.  Not a dinner *plus* obligation to hang somewhere else.

I think I’m going to ultimately decide no on this one.  Not being asked out often isn’t a compelling reason to go out.  And not following up with a time/place show me a lack of initiative and an inability to make a decision.

Is that okay?


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