The South’s Finest Psychic: Bobby Drinnon

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About 18 months ago a few friends and I went to see a renowned psychic.  The appointments were made about 2.5 years in advance, and interestingly enough, it was a ‘double-blind study‘.  Though the appointments were made two years previously, not only were names never used to make the appointments, but also  *I* wasn’t an original intended ‘case’.  Someone backed out at the last-minute and I gladly took their space.  So, the renowned soothe-sayer couldn’t have anticipated my appearance whatsoever!

We made the 45 minute drive and arrived at his home for our back-to-back appointments.  We were careful not to speak in the ‘waiting room’, which was actually a sun-room.  I was fairly nervous at the prospect of sitting in the room with him alone.

Now, this was not the first psychic I had visited, so I definitely was skeptical.  But from the moment I sat down with the famed Bobby Drinnon I felt different.  Most of his time with me was spent discussing who I am as a person.  He sat down with pen, paper, and began recording our conversation for me.  In the beginning he drew out my ‘aura’ and spent time describing my personality.  Interestingly enoughh, my aura is cream and orange (isn’t that convenient for the little Vol fan?!).  Cream and orange is one of the most rare aura types and shows that I am a walking contradiction.  I am the ‘reluctant’ center of attention. In other words, in a room of 100 people plus myself, where 50 would feel comfortable speaking to the group, and 50 would feel more comfortable being an audience member, I would easily mingle between the group.  He described me further as a cautious daredevil who listened to her head much more than her hearts.  And finally he spoke to me about the fact that I am at heart a loner who loves and craves people.  I think what he was getting at, and what is so true about me, is that I am in constantly in flux between what I think I want and what I really want.

But of course our hour wasn’t just spent discussing my personality.  Suddenly, after he described my ‘split spirit’, he turned his head looked at me funny and said “last night you asked me if there really are soul mates in this world’.  I looked at him like he had bugs crawling out of his eyeballs.  “I often meet on the dream plane”, he explained.

But it wasn’t the fact that he was insinuating that we met that caused me to give him the “what the EFF?” look.  I looked at him like that because that is a question I constantly ponder, aloud and in silence.  But he assured me that yes, there are soul mates, and no, I hadn’t met mine yet.  He then went on to write two specific names on a piece of paper of The Boyfriend and the Friend and he detailed for me reasons that they couldn’t have possibly been my soul mate.  He laughed heartily when I asked if he was sure.  He was, he said, very sure.

But fear not, he told me, for I would find someone, with a “ke” somewhere in his name.  And that we would, indeed, be ‘soul mates’.  And that we may not have children together, but we would be parents.  He wasn’t sure if they would be adopted or the man’s own children.  He said that I would be content, and happy, and full of life.  But it might not be any time soon.

He wished me well, gave me my tape and papers, and sent me on my way.  As I left the office we met in, he encouraged me to drive home slower.  “You’re going to get a ticket”, he warned.

I believe what he said, about my personality, about me questioning soul mates.  I was floored when he wrote down The Boyfriend and The Friend (and even more floored when a third name came up in conversation!).  But I don’t think that what he said can’t be changed.  I don’t believe in predestination.  So I totally think that if I want to meet someone without a ke and get married young and have my own children, it can happen.  I am flexible, right? I can be the loner or the people lover.  The reluctant center of attention.  Cautious and a daredevil.  I’m not exactly roaming around asking for names, seeing out Kevin or Kendal.

But I won’t lie to you and say I don’t think about it sometimes, wonder if it’s true.  I want there to be some cute story that I come back and post on where I meet the “ke” of my dreams, this entire thing was true, and I live happily ever after.  Wouldn’t that be a nice story? I will admit that about six months ago on Facebook a local bakery that I *love* posted a sad story.  “There is a birthday cake today, red velvet, that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEVYN!” which, sadly, won’t be going to a Kevyn.  If you can prove your name is Kevyn, it’s yours free.  Otherwise, $15 to the first people who wants it!” I emailed the bakery, not to buy the cake, but to tell them “If a Kevyn comes in for a free cake, please give him my number.  It’s destiny.”  “Will do” said the baker, but sadly, no Kevyn has called me.

It’s nice to think about.  I’m a sucker for a great story and I always have imagined whoever I met, it’ll be a nice story that is ‘just meant to be’.

Because I got the speeding ticket.   One year to the date.


24 thoughts on “The South’s Finest Psychic: Bobby Drinnon

    1. Would definitely feel more skeptical if I had had friends with me during the experience who reported incidents of using names that he couldn’t or wouldn’t have known. But it’s all something to keep in mind. I’m just reporting my experience, not saying he’s the real deal or not 🙂

      xoxo The Blonde

  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting with him several times, but it’s our first that sticks with me. I was in a horrible marriage and pregnant with my first child. As I left his office, he said, “Tell Lee I said hi.” I left and thought no more of it until 3 years later when I ran into an old friend from high school and fell head over heels in love. His name? Lee. And, yep, he’s my soulmate. It happens! Great to read and be reminded of the gift he has. Thanks!

      1. I met Bobby Drinnon in a very interesting way about 25 years ago. And although I’m positively certain I’m not your soulmate, doesn’t it seem a strange coincidence that my name is Okey ?

  2. Your story about the cake doesn’t make any since at all why is their a cake for kevyn and then its not for kevyn and then how is that a sad story im trying to understand what the hell this means did someone order a cake for some one named kevyn and then this guy died or something. If your going to tell a story please tell it in a way that makes sense. I cant stand when people tell a story ad do not expline the maine points of the story when thier placed together in a way that makes completly no sese at all this really ercks me and erck means something like a pet peve (something that really annoys me) you see how i did that i explained something that might be confusing to someone that cant read my mind. people if you going to tell a story please tell it in a way that makes since.

    1. irks. sense. there, I feel better.

      The jist of the story is that the bakery made a cake that a Kevyn or Kevyn’s friend didn’t pick up; they called it a sad story, not me. I don’t know if Kevyn died or ditched a party or what.

    2. And some people need to learn when to use the ‘! Also, the correct use is I not i.
      What was the point in your posting?
      Did you want to reveal to the World your lack of language skills?
      Are you having a bad day, possibly PMSing?
      By the way, the word is “irk” not “erck”
      Erck is not even a word!
      My “pet peeve”, not peve, is people who DO NOT know how to spell and exhibit various improper language skills.
      You should not post a negative comment to the author when your post would make any English teacher see red.

  3. I know Bobby and can say he is the real deal. I had a meeting with him many years ago after my husband lost his battle with cancer. Bobby called my sister “needing to se me ASAP”. He FREAKED me out! Knew things that NO ONE else did plus he discovered that my late husband and he were related, distant but none the less related. He then said I would reconnect with an old friend by the name of Robert. Odd since my late husband’s first name was Robert. years would pass but I did indeed reconnect with an old HS friend, whom unknown to me, had a crush on me all thru HS. We dated only a few months and then he proposed. We were married 7 years and unfortunately divorced. He remarried and so did I, but now we are both single and are rekindling our friendship.

    1. That is quite a story! Do you ever consider returning to see him? I had an appointment this July but recently transferred it over to my boss, who I think probably needs it more than I do. Afterall, I already saw him once!

      Thanks for reading!

      xoxo The Blonde.

    2. That’s quite a story. Do you ever considering visiting him again? I gave my boss my second appointment…figured she might need it more than I do.

      Xoxo The Blonde

    1. At the time I visited, which was nearly 3 years ago, it was $200 per hour. He was available at half hour prices, though.

      Hope this helps

      xoxo The Blonde

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! I have an appointment coming up this summer. I am a bit nervous about seeing him but I think I would feel that way with any psychic. He has a great reputation and I am curious to hear an update from you now. I did go see a woman in Knoxville name Pamela Nine who claims to be a psychic. She was a little sketchy to say the least and her prices were the same…$200 for an hour. Some of the things she told me definitely add up but some of the other statements she made were just bizarre and off the wall. I don’t want to totally discount her though because it was only about 3 years ago and who knows how long it might take for some of her predictions to come to light. Anyway thanks for sharing!

  5. Many years ago, 10-13 years ago, a co worker asked if I was interested in seeing a medium… I was scared to answer but Yes flew out of my mouth. Then I told my sister who lives Mass. She said its the devil and do not go, she said, its against our religion.
    That day while lying on my bed resting in mid afternoon, at her house in Mass, and the day before I was to fly home to Tennessee and meet Bobby Drinnon for the first time, I was falling asleep. I felt like I was awake with my eyes opened but it wasn’t her room I was seeing but an old room with a man lying on the sofa with long white hair, I heard him talking in a soft voice, talking . I felt like I was above him looking in to his living room, kind of like spying… I saw him talking and finally he turned his head and I saw this round pale face. White face. It was angelic. Well, I told my sister it was like a vision since my eyes were open and I felt awake. The next day she sent me off on the plane reminding to NOT see this medium.
    When I showed up at his office/home I was scared out of my wits. When that office door opened and he came toward me, I almost fainted . My eyes were glued to his face.
    He was the man in my dream the day before….
    Not sure what all that meant or why I saw him before I actually met him but it was unreal.
    I still have my tapes and he was right on about so many things. He told me things that were true in my life. I was a hard read because I just sat there, emotionless and scared not saying a single word. He even said, I am harder to read and I have my own intuitions. He was right.
    It was a please meeting Bobby and I’ve seen him several times since. Each visit better than the last. Bless you all.

  6. I too had a visit or three with Drinnon. He said the same about my cream and orange Aura. Told me about soulmate stuff etc. My late Mother had been told that the next man in her life would be her soulmate and that she would live to be very old. Well, she met and married the guy and he divorced her. She also died unexpectedly from a blood-clot at age 55…kind of young if you ask me.

    Bobby Drinnon has all kinds of soulmate advice to give, yet he has been divorced twice and is alone?

    My critique of Bobby is the following:
    He is 100% on seeing Auras, Chakras, Kundalini, Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angels.

    However, he is 50% or less on seeing the past and future, which means that you literally would have the same odds of getting an accurate answer by tossing a coin.

    Bobby Drinnon is a verifiably genuine “psychic.”
    But he is human and fallable like everyone else.

    I hope that he opens his door to others who can be mirrors for him, to help him more clearly define his own limitations. He is an amazing person to be able to do what others cannot.

    I cannot speak for him, and mean no harm, but only a kind honesty.

    A true friend is someone who tells you things you don’t or can’t hear from others, not someone who just lets you critique others about dealing with the world, while you sit back inside the protective walls of your “compound” removed from it all.

    Must be nice there in that blissful world where he doesn’t have to deal with bad people and circumstances like those he sits back and counsels.

    1. I wish you truly knew him like I do and have been blessed to do so for the past 17 years. His life has been far from blissful far. He’s as close to an Earth angel as anyone I’ve ever experienced. He may not have to deal with “bad” people whatever that means, but he counsels arrogant people, neurotic people, crazies, etc. and donates time to addicts and others without charging. He has declined going on popular TV talk shows for years. His world is real, not pure bliss, and he is real, and yes, human, too.

      1. Like I said, a true friend is someone who will tell you things that others will not. We are all a paradox in that no matter how much of a good side we have, we always have that much of a dark side as well. Sometimes, what we are actually defending, is our own need for security, by projecting our own hopes and aspirations onto someone like Bobby Drinnon, and calling him an “Earth Angel”, etc., when in reality he is far from being any such projection, and isn’t actually asking you to defend him at all. It is like when you fall in love with someone, and only choose to see their good side, because YOU have an emotional stake in it. Take YOU out of the picture and you will see that others have as valid, if not more valid, an evaluation of a subject as well.

      2. My whole point is to let others know that Bobby Drinnon has a dark side just like everybody else. And I mean it. If you make the mistake of projecting all of your own expectations, of what having ESP means, onto this human being, you aren’t being clear in your head. His gift is amazing, but it does not make him any different than any ‘ole regular Joe. He still has issues like anyone else. And that is why he, like the rest of us, needs friends who will just see him as normal, and tell him things that others don’t, because they think he is that different and won’t dare to question BOBBY DRINNON. He’s a cool dude, but don’t treat him like he is that much more advanced than the rest of us just because he has ESP. It seems weird that he could have such abilities and yet still have serious issues, but it’s true. Not bad mouthing him, just bad mouthing human nature, and ESP has no bearing on our nature. I had a hard time making that connection too. But it clears up alot of misconceptions about things, so that you can move on to another degree in your development.

      3. Also, did you ever stop to think that the real reason he declines advertising could be in order to avoid the appearance of being termed “Entertainment” by the IRS, thus continuing to avoid having to pay an “Entertainment Tax” that they have wanted to make him pay for years now?

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