Poll: Should The Blonde Go Out With Facebook Boy?

Alright.  Serious question time.  SHOULD I GO OUT WITH FACEBOOK BOY?

He, despite my ignoring him post-bra size comment, asked me to hang out. I have successfully avoided the conversation since the moment..but I’ve received mixed opinion from friends.  So I am opening this up to you, readers.  I know you are out there, so vote in the poll. Feel free to comment and let me know the whys behind your selection.

I will post a follow-up with results of the poll and my own pro-con list on Friday.


4 thoughts on “Poll: Should The Blonde Go Out With Facebook Boy?

  1. hello… as a stranger my option probably means nothing, but since you DID ask… 🙂 I read your two posts about the FB boy and he seems like a dork and you seem like you can do better. I mean, I guess it sounds like you could get some, if that’s what you’re at all interested in, butttt since you mentioned wanting conversation and possibly witty conversation, I say pass on this one.

    Good luck!

    1. Well AmieAngell..I appreciate your advice because I *did* ask and because this is the purpose of this blog! “Every piece of sage advice” includes a poll vote 😉

      Thanks so much for writing. I like your point of view.

      The Blonde

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