TBLTB Presents: Freedom Friday, Legally Blonde edition.

Lately I’ve had complaints that I’m unsure where I am going or what I am doing.  I mean, not literally. More in a spiritual sense, actually.

I feel a bit lost, and perhaps stuck in the mud.  My wheels are turning but I’m not getting anywhere.  I feel like there is something bigger and more meaningful that must be calling my name, but I just completely and utterly unsure of what it is. But I’m not sure that I ever did know what exactly my “calling” was.

I never had a great plan in my life besides wanting to come to college.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, long term, other than graduate.  And I did graduate, quite easily.  I majored in Political Sciences because I heard about it in high school and thought “it’s so awesome that you can study just politics!”.  I studied it because I found it interesting, and quite frankly, I was good at it.  But I was good at it on paper, just not in person.  Not that I ever tried it as a career…

Anyway I got this job as a student, I am fairly good at it (I hope?), and I keep trudging along because it’s what I know.  But I know that there is something missing for me.  I miss school.  I miss an academic challenge.  I miss reading something and discussing it.  I want something to be proud of, a success.. And I would honestly like to make more money.

So tomorrow I am taking the LSAT.  Just call me Elle Woods, I suppose. I haven’t really told many people, nor advertised it..just in case I chicken out or I fail miserably.  But my intent is to see how I do and explore going to law school.

I am excited and at the same time nervous.  It’s a big commitment, I am not sure if I am smart enough to make it through law school.  But what have I got to lose? I committed myself to losing weight, and I put myself first and made that happen.  So now I’m committing myself to pursuing something *I* want.  I’m going to make that happen too.  This is the perfect time to go after something I want, since I’ve got no one else to worry about supporting.  No husband, no children.  It’s all about me.  And now I will never have to wonder.  I will always know.

I guess today I am glad I am single because I’m spending time living my life and doing things for me.  One day it might get old, but not today.  I’m excited to be taking steps to be a better Blonde.

And if all that fails, maybe one day I’ll write a book about my time spent here in the dating world.  Who knows?


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