I’m Bored

Yeah…I’m bored.

I just feel uninspired lately. Maybe it’s because September was such a bad month, maybe I’m in a funk about my upcoming birthday.  Whatever it is, I’m ready to be out of it.  So I am committing to myself that I am going to start making positive changes in my life.  I need fulfillment and mental stimulation.

Part of that stimulation, I think, comes from dating, reading about dating, and blogging about my attempts.  But I’m feeling stagnant.  I can’t possibly pick up another dating book right now.  This is where you come in.

I have a readership.  I am confident of this, I see your numbers every day on my “site stats” page.  But I need your feedback.  I need your suggestions.  What should I be doing?

I know I should be networking, experimenting, and getting ‘out there’.  Tell me how.  Tell me where.  Give me ideas.  Spark my interest!

If you are reading this, give me ideas.  Give them with your name, or anonymously.  I don’t care what you do, just tell me what you want to see here.  I will document the experience (through photos even!) and report back here.

Inspire me, internet.


8 thoughts on “I’m Bored

  1. Make the first move. Be Bold. Carpe Diem.

    Ok. Maybe I should follow my own advice, but seriously, if you see someone who interests you don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. If the conversation is interesting, invite for more.

    Under the heading of “Why is dating a game, and why won’t anyone share the rules?”

    As a guy it’s expected that we make the first move. I too often (read: always) hesitate to make the first move because I have a very hard time telling if a woman is (a) single, and/or (b) would be open to an advance and I err on the side of caution. If you make the first move it answers both of those questions and shows you’re confident.

  2. I need to follow my own advice. Here goes… when you see someone attractive (sans wedding ring), give a big smile and hopefully the reaction will be a big smile back. Then you can say “Hi” and see where it leads. It’s not as bold as the commenter above suggested, but it can pave the way to that introduction. Good Luck!

    1. Even better, follow the smile with “Hi, I’m…”. — sometimes the “big smile” is hard to read (are you smiling because you have to [e.g. workplace with a “smile at everyone” policy], because it’s something you always do [not that that’s bad], at the guy just behind me [it has happened], or because you’re interested). If you’re in the same place as they are chances are you share a common interest — ring or not, why not strike up conversation?

      Worst case the person isn’t interested/is married/engaged/seeing someone… and even then you might get some conversation out of it.

      This is something I’m trying to force myself to do: For example, I was at a local theater group’s happy hour on Monday and saw someone new standing alone…and struck up a conversation. Any thoughts of dating ended as soon as she referenced her fiancee*…but it was still a nice conversation, met someone new, yadda.

      But still, be bold 🙂

      *-I didn’t see a ring…even if I had, I haven’t memorized the secret decoder ring of what various rings on various fingers mean. I’m a fan of the “redlight/greenlight party” idea but never been invited to one.

  3. If you want to meet new people, there is a terrific website called “meetup.com”. You enter in your location, and there’s all kinds of different groups you can join for free. I belong to 6 groups, and I have met some great women AND men. You’d be surprised at the variety of interest groups are out there!

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