I Guess You’ll Do.

Friend sent me a funny link to a YouTube video yesterday. 

Have a watch if you’ve got time.  I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.  It’s so real, it’s both funny and depressing! This is most definitely not the kind of settling I spoke about in a previous post. But be honest..men and women…have you ever had all these thoughts rush through your mind before actually sitting down with someone?

After my last date, I lamented that though I was pretty positive I didn’t care to see the person again, I should probably go on a second date.  “What if I’m being judgemental? What if I’m really supposed to marry this person and I’m so harsh I’m missing the point?” And a friend, wisely, said “This isn’t a google commercial, you’re not making an instant decision that leads to the rest of your life.”  But what I really think he was trying to get me to realize was that you have to live in the moment.

You can’t instantly meet someone and know that you are, or aren’t, marrying them and producing 2.5 babies.  You can either know that you want to see the person again, or you don’t want to see them again.  And sometimes you can be unsure what exactly you want.  But it’s a fool’s game to try to guess whether you’ve got a long-term future with someone after a drink or dinner.  It’s okay to go with your gut based on the moment.

I think it’s important to realize that every interaction you have, whether you’re at a bar trying to meet someone or on a first date…is simply about getting to know someone.  Putting pressure on  yourself unnecessarily doesn’t help you get to know someone.  So if you do or don’t want to see them again..that’s great.  Put your full effort into finding what the person is like, what they enjoy, and what makes them ‘tick’.  Don’t put effort into figuring out what a future would look like until you’ve at least had dinner with the person! 😉


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