I Stand Corrected

Sushi Deluxe at Sushi Ten
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I totally hadn’t planned on updating before my big vacation, but something totally surprising happened tonight. If you’re following my Twitter, you probably saw I was tweeting a lot tonight!

I am on vacation and out of the country for the next week or so. In celebration of this, I planned on having something good for dinner tonight. Originally I wanted a slice of specialty pizza but passed the restaurant I intended to visit. Suddenly, I passed a small sushi place and turned it, since I’ve been craving sushi for a few days. Normally I’d call my friend who is obsessed with sushi to join, but it was a spur of the moment thing and sushi is actually one meal/restaurant that I don’t mind dining alone.

Anyway, long story short I parked the car and walked in and suddenly remembered what Patti Stanger suggests in the Eight Easy Steps to Finding Your Mate handbook. Sitting at the sushi bar is an excellent place to meet men. You’re more likely to meet someone sitting at a bar than at a table and it’s safer to meet someone at a bar eating than at a bar drinking. The restaurant was fairly small and the bar was near the entrance, and there was a male with their back turned toward me. Snap judgement, I’ll sit at the bar.

I plop down and order a diet coke and take a look at the menu and sneak a look at the male sitting to my left. Looks to be about my age, and pretty cute. SCORE!

Let me take a moment to say I cannot believe Patti Stanger is right about something. I figured her rules only applied to big cities like New York, LA, or Chicago. Why on earth would a small town like mine have single men hanging out at a sushi bar? But there sat a man ordering sushi with no date in sight. Color me surprised.

We made friendly eye contact a few time and I was definitely glad that I had worn a cute dress to work and had taken the time to fix my hair properly. I ordered my rolls, and got a salad. I overheard the young man order two rolls and a salad too. I made eye contact again but he didn’t say anything, he glanced away and seemed fairly shy. The salads came quickly and the waitress asked if i wanted chopsticks or a fork for the salad. I hemmed a bit and finally said “fork”–mostly because I didn’t want to get ginger dressing all down my dress in front this guy. Whether we were going to talk or not, I didn’t want to look stupid. She asked him the same question and he kind of gave the same “heh” and said fork. I looked at him and giggled. Nothing.

I ate my salad slowly and watched the chef make the rolls. Suddenly the guy spoke up…to the chef. He said “is that mine? I don’t need ginger or wasabi thanks.” And I spoke up. “The best part?!”

He laughed and said “I don’t like spicy.” I said “I learned to like it, actually.” and our rolls were delivered. He apologized for having to eat quickly, as he had to be at work. I said I would overlook it, and went to work on my dinner. I tried to eat slowly and smile a lot, just appear light and airy. I asked where he worked, he told me. He was just very quiet. Not in a non approachable way, but in a “I’m so shy” way. He finished eating super fast and paid his bill but sat for a moment. As I was taking my last bite he wished me a good evening and left.

No numbers exchanged, not even a name swapped. But I consider this a huge victory on several levels. First of all–it’s a personal victory. I am comfortable enough to dine alone and enjoy myself with or without meeting someone. Second, Patti Stanger is right. I was surprised to find one of her suggestion spots with an actual male in it. Especially in my town. And this was the small and non-hip sushi place. I’m anxious to try out the big one! Third, I made good eyecontact, showed my interest, and made conversation. This is definitely a step in the right direction for me!

When I get back from vacation I’m actually going to try some more Patti Stanger meet-a-man suggestions, much to my chagrin! Can you believe she was right about something? I don’t expect to meet someone everywhere I go, but it’s nice to know that maybe some of her suggestions aren’t off base. I definitely thought this blog was going to be a parody of these dating books; I figured I would go to these places and have goofy things happen and recount them in a woe-is-me self deprecating humor. Maybe there’s a chance for me after all!

As I’ve mentioned before..The Blonde is going on vacation for a while. Enjoy yourselves and be careful this last full week of summer. Get out there, enjoy yourselves. And if you’re single….have some sushi!

Until next time..

XOXO The Blonde.



One thought on “I Stand Corrected

  1. MMMMM, sushi! Even if you don’t find a guy at one of the sushi places, at least you’ll be having some great chow. But don’t forget the sake…

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