Q&A Tuesday

Should men opens doors for you?

Interesting question.  Is this really something men are debating? I am a door holder.  If I reach a door first and someone is

Mind Your Manners by Claire Wallace (1953)
Image by Ann Douglas via Flickr

behind me by 20 paces or less, I’m going to wait and hold the door for them.  Maybe it’s a Southern thing, I don’t know…

So… on a date, should a man open a door for a lady?

YES. Open her car door, open the door to the restaurant.  It’s the polite thing to do. It shows that you have manners.  There is nothing…NOTHING…I hate worse than a rude male.  Yes, I demand equal pay for equal work, but I also would like to have a door opened for me.  Sue me.

But I’m not just talking about men on dates here.  ALL men should open doors for women–young girls, old ladies, wives, girlfriends, random person–all women deserve to have doors opened for them if they are entering or exiting at the same time as a male.

For some reason, lately I’ve noticed that males under 20 and over 50 are the only men who open doors for ladies. What’s up with that, males? Does something between the age of 21 and 49 make you automatically stop holding or opening doors? Explain yourselves!

On a serious note, men who hold doors without asking, open car doors as I step out, and walk me to my side of the car definitely are a turn on.  I just haven’t dated anyone who’s done that yet!

What is the ideal outfit for a man? Some say jeans & a white tee? Polo and khakis?

Interesting.  The last time I posted on what to wear on a date, a huge discussion broke out on the jeans vs. no jeans (no jeans, no jeans) points of view.  I am almost hesitant to give an opinion here!

I think polo shirts are always a nice look; I’m partial I suppose.  Jeans are nice if they’re neat and not worn or extra baggy.  I am on the fence about khaki pants.  I really, really dislike cargo-style khakis, but it is not something that would make me say “no” to a second date if this was the only problem.  Well-fitted, chino style khakis are a great look. I think shirts tucked in, if possible, are a nice touch that say “I care about my appearance” here.

Shoes can be an important part of the look for men.  You can almost guarantee that a woman will take the time to carefully pick out shoes, but men are sometimes unpredictable in this area.  Running shoes, to me, shouldn’t be worn on a date (unless you’re running).  Casual sneakers can be a good look if worn with jeans in an appropriate setting (think concert scene).  Any other shoes should be neat and not excessively worn.  I’m a sucker for nice Doc Martens or Sperrys, or even just a leather shoe that is fairly nondescript.  I don’t think chacos or man sandals are something you should try on the first few dates, fellas! Just my two cents.

I think hats are not a good look on dates that aren’t outdoor activity. If you are wearing a hat, it is respectful to take it off when you go inside and ESPECIALLY when you sit at a dinner table!

That’s all for this week. Next week’s Q&A may be delayed due to an impending out of country vacation.  I will keep you posted on the update schedule of this blog as the week draws closer to an end.

Double kisses!

XOXO The Blonde


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