Q&A Tuesday

Do you think every couple needs a “song” ?

Do I think every couple needs one?  No.  Have I had them? Yes.

It’s much better when you’re a couple if you’re at a function or doing something and a song marks a moment and then when you hear that song it becomes an inside joke…rather than sitting down and picking out “our song”.  If a couple is going to have a song, I like to hear a story behind it.

I think couples should dance to their song at their wedding reception (if they choose to have one!) no matter the style of the song.  Fast, slow, lyrical or not.  I think that makes it more memorable than having to sit through another rendition of “At Last” by Etta James.  HOW many more times can a couple of dance to this at their wedding?!

How do you respond to social situations that ask for spouse or significant other information?

Do you mean, for instance, formal invitations?  If it is a wedding I do appreciate the option to bring a guest though I am currently single.  It is nice to be able to bring a friend, have a dance partner, and someone to talk to.  Addressing my invitation “The Blonde + Guest” is totally appropriate!

A friend of mine asked for some advice the other day regarding this very subject and I wanted to share with you what I thought was a very rude assumption made by a school.  A phone call was placed to my friend’s place of business requesting information on her significant other for invitational purposes.  It was a business function and the inquiring party had no clue whether or not she indeed had a significant other.  How should she respond?

I said it’s totally appropriate to call the location back and tell them that any correspondences and invitations can be mailed directly to her, and she will pass word along to her invited guest and then inform the school of her guest’s information.  Why wouldn’t the school just send “plus guest” with this invitation?! RSVP’s are made for telling the responsible parties the names of those attending!

I have never been sensitive to the “plus guest” feature until I started attending so many functions as a single girl a couple of years ago.  I think “plus guest” is completely appropriate until engagement.  Just my two cents.

More next week!

xoxo The Blonde.


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