My Bucket List

I haven’t talked about the old millionaire matchmaker in a while.  I read the book cover to cover, though most of the end was about how to get the lasso around the poor guy and drag him down the aisle.  I figure if I ever meet someone I like and date them long enough, I’ll go back to reference that part.

Of course Patti has a number of ideas about how to meet an eligible bachelor, and indeed I intend to try some of them and will detail it all out for you soon…but she had another piece of advice I’m here to talk about today….a list of ideas of things you’d like to do if and when you’re asked out.

Part of the stress of being invited to spend time with a member of the opposite sex involves planning something. Sure, they may have a vague idea of where they’d like to take you the first time but anything after that…second date, third date, whatever, is generally going to require female input.  Indeed, it’s only fair and I fully accept the responsiblity, but it doesn’t make it any less stressful or make my mind any less blank when I am asked.  SO, at the advice of Patti Stanger, I’m going to come up with several things I’d like to do with a partner and then, when the moment comes (and today I’m having an urge to say “IF it comes”…..) I’ll be prepared to put my two cents in.  Consider it a sort of “Dating Bucket List”.

What’d I’d like to do..

  1. Minor league baseball game
  2. local art museum I’ve never been to (they had a Dali exhibit earlier)
  3. Sushi..on the floor pillows!
  4. bike ride on a greenway in the city
  5. cheese and wine at Crown and Goose
  6. theme park day
  7. Shakespeare on the Square
  8. Brunch at Mimi’s (I want to try the pineapple mimosa)
  9. hookah at Mirage
  10. bed and breakfast trip
  11. river rafting

The list continues, of course, and as I think of things or cross them off, I’ll update the ‘bucket list’.  Maybe I even need one of kinds of people to date 😉

Have a happy Monday, y’all.


One thought on “My Bucket List

  1. Here’s something to throw in the bucket – a romantic dinner in an elegant dining car of the Napa Valley Wine Train – a great experience. But for something closer to home, the minor league ballgame is a good idea, have been to a couple of Chattanooga Lookouts games and they were a blast.

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