I can’t be with someone who…

Trending topics on twitter can be so funny.  The last one that I really enjoyed reading was “I can’t be with someone who…”It provided an afternoon of entertainment for me and inspired me to try to make a list of things I don’t want in a partner.  If I’m having so much trouble nailing down a “type”, maybe I can’t at least figure out what I don’t want!

So, today:

I can’t be with someone who…types in chat speak.  Especially via text message.  I’m a fan of texting.  Call me impersonal, call me lazy, call me whatever…I like texting! But I like texting in fully formulated, grammatically-thoughtful ways.  Yes, this might lead me to send more than one text message on a subject to complete my thought, but in the long run I feel better sending a real sentence rather than 5 acronyms that are confusing to even me as a composer.

If you’re going to text someone, keep this in mind:

  • There is nothing worse than a poorly punctuated text message, if you ask me. I find it irritating because it’s a short burst of thought crammed into a small space.  Is it really too much to ask for you to punctuate one sentence and start another? Hello, people! Most cell phones even capitalize the first letter in a new sentence automatically now! Punctuate properly.
  • It takes little effort to actually type out “you” instead of “u”.  In fact, adding two more characters to “ur” isn’t that much to ask, either.
  • I don’t like “ok” and “lol” responses on text.  They’re conversation busters.  If you have nothing to say, just don’t reply. I will get the hint, promise

The list could go on, but I think this just about covers it.  I can’t be with someone who is a bad texter.   Stay tuned for more!


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