Random Thoughts

I seem to have lost my blogging muse somewhere.

My thoughts feel especially disjointed on this hot Monday afternoon.  I failed to update on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because I was a bridesmaid in my second youngest cousin’s wedding.  She certainly was a beautiful bride and I was pleased that my entire family had a chance to visit on an occasion that wasn’t a federal holiday.

I caught the bouquet.  Much to the chagrin of my fellow bridesmaids, I swooped in and caught the roses and calla lilies with great ease, surprising even myself. Tradition says I’ll be the next in the family to wed, and I’m pleased to report that this tradition is actually quite effective in my family.  However, as I pointed out (after my touchdown dance!) this actually involves meeting someone, so the pressure is on not to let the tradition drop. I’m half kidding, half serious here.//

Last night I crawled into bed after a long weekend and for some reason, for the first time in more than a year, I wished someone was in the bed beside of me.  No, no–minds out of the gutter.  I wished someone was there to do the sweet things.  I wanted someone to cover my feet up that were poking out at the bottom of the bed.  Someone to review aloud the weekend and wedding, the high and low points.  Someone to laugh with.  Someone to let me snuggle into the crook of their arm and smile, happily, at the joy my cousin found.  Someone to drift to sleep with.

I’m not sure if I was just lonely, having thought too much about love and marriage for three days…or if I was just cranky…but for a good thirty minutes I really did miss a feeling.  I don’t miss people much anymore, just feelings.  I miss companionship, being known well, having someone to share things with. I miss having someone to care for physically and emotionally.  I am ready to give a piece of my heart to someone again.  //

I may have to change my disposition on the post  I made last week that detailed all the ways that I am a failure at flirtation.  It was pointed out to me by my family several times this weekend what a giant flirt I was being with several males in the wedding party.  I guess I have more powers than I thought.  That’s kind of exciting.//

I hope my funk leaves me and my muse returns. I need to get out and pound the pavement this weekend.  Tomorrow I have several questions to answer for Q&A Tuesday, so get your inquiries in as soon as possible at my formspring.

Glad to be back,

xoxo The Blonde.


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